Suby vapor and charcoal cannister help

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  1. Hi, after my earlier mix up I can ask the right Qs now about fuel vapour/charcoal canister in my suby conversion.

    I originally got the engine on a pallet so never saw it all together nor did it have the canister.

    The pipes that I want to connect are numbered 1, 2 and 3 in my attached images.
    I have just had them blocked off.

    On the RHS is 3 metal pipes. From the RJES page I see they are fuel feed, fuel return and (my #3) the fuel vapor (a 6mm pipe).

    rhs - 3 pipes.jpg

    He (richard webpage RJES) says "The lower pipe is for the petrol vapour to return to the engine to be burned. and takes 6mm hose. All Subaru’s vent the vapour to a charcoal canister. The fumes are stored in the canister until the ECU opens a solenoid valve, and they are drawn into the inlet manifold and burned with the incoming fuel"

    I looked at a few pictures and I think the canister would originally have been sitting next to 2 pipes on the left, also unattached on the left hand side I've numbered 1 and 2.
    lhs-2 pipes.jpg
    So I have got 3 pipes that are not connected. I think the smaller 6mm bore ones are possibly linked, I gently blew air through and was sure I could feel it at the other end

    So would I be right in thinking the 2 smaller pipes (#1 & #3) need to feed into a charcoal canister and then an outlet on the canister would connect to the larger pipe (#2) which possibly is the purge/dump that goes from canister into the inlet manifold.?

    If you have an original engine can you tell me are there any electrical connections on the canister I might need to connect ?

    I know some people take them out (the charcoal cannister) entirely but I'd like to explore the options first.

    thanks and Happy New Year !

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  2. Well I didn't really find a fix for this but I'll post up what I ended up finding/doing. The top pipe #3 in my picture I think would have run to the original suby fuel tank and then is a single through pipe runs under the manifold to the other end to what I numbered #1.
    In this area (end of #1 & 2) would sit a/the charcoal cannister and the bigger pipe I called #2 I think would be the 'dump' pipe that empties the cannister/pot every so often.

    As I am not connected to the fuel tank then #1 and 3 are redundant and so must be #2. So I just blocked them off.

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