Suby oil leak

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  1. Got a bloody coolant leak now, full house that’s petrol, oil and coolant :eek:
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  2. that's your weekend then lol
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  3. probably just a jubilee clip needing to be tightened
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  4. Hope so will try and take a pic later if it stops raining. It seems to be coming from the joint or bolts.
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  5. Have you considered an upgrade to an air-cooled engine?:D
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  6. I do love an air cooled engine, just not in my bus
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  7. Replaced fuel pipe, completely shot, still leaking so I’ve got to drain tank again and change the “nipple” 8BF7ED66-7377-4315-96EF-580965712BF6.jpeg
  8. I can’t see the spec on the pic. what hose are you using?
  9. C270A6C5-55CE-46CB-AD87-DBF2126BA954.png
  10. Okay thanks will bear that in mind, I think I have a split in the nipple (painful). Can’t be the new pipe.
  11. I’m surprised SAEJ30R6 is still being sold as fuel hose; I wouldn't use it on my mower. Even SAEJ30R9 doesn’t last long.
  12. Get some Goodridge 200 stainless braided hose. (Same type as brake hose). Nitrile hose, fabric sheath then stainless steel.

    Looks cool, cant tell if its on properly, cuts your fingers to shreds.
    But it is extremely fuel and fire proof.
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