Subaru Maf?

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  1. So mulling over the conversion I've bought...... where is the MAF?


    The pipe at the top with the cone filter is just that.... attached to the throtttle body, so how is it measuring airflow?

    Looking at the engines installed in cars they have the MAF after the filter box.

    I know there must be a work around as I know the engine runs properly.
  2. Ignore me.... further research suggests 99 on N/A Ej25's ran map sensors.
  3. No MAF on there. Do a pic of your ECU

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  4. I think certain engines didn't have one. I know mine hasn't.
  5. thats correct, mine does not have a MAF just TPS
  6. Looked today -it's defo running a map sensor.
  7. sorry map and TPS
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