Subaru Loom. ej22 Auto

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  1. Hi, has anyone done their own engine Loom conversion ?
  2. [​IMG]

    I think I'll send mine away to be done.
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  3. rickyrooo1

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  4. theres a guy in donny that is on vzi ,
    his name is nick he does looms, and sells engines with looms on ebay

    i have stripped alot of the detritus from mine
    [tapes, plastic, fittings, etc] and it now fits in a carrier bag,
    easier to post ...
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  5. To be honest when I stripped the harness from the donor car I didn't have a clue of what was needed so that green box contains everything from the front lights to the back ones.Look carefully at the picture and you can even see the side/front indicators.
    I have now started stripping back the tape and fittings so it is much smaller now.

    @art b .. I found Nick on Vzi, Is this who you are using? How does he compare to RJes?
  6. I've not used Nick,yet
    but I did send him some messages and he said he has done a few looms,
    And some times has looms on the shelf,
    he will be cheaper than others..
  7. Hi, I am in contact from someone on VWKD who has done a few.
    Just need a bit of time to sort out what ECU etc I have, daylight helps!

    Photo of engine:

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