Subaru Fuel pump in Bay Fuel tank ?

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  1. Hi, have any of you Scooby guys converted the bay tank to put the Subaru pump into?

    Or what have you used.
  2. Dubs

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    I just used an inline pump, from RJES If I recall. Works fine apart from being a bit noisy.
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  3. col


    I used the rjes pump too. It is noisy though. Sorted now with softer mounts.
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  4. I have retrieved the in tank pump from the scooby..
    It give you the right pressure, a fuel return pipe and the use of the fuel gauge sender..
    And will let it into the bay tank..:thumbsup:
    Will fit the whole thing, with the gasket and some screws,
    the pump mech may need shortening by a couple of inches though..
    All simple stuff tbh..
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  5. Thanks i like the idea of using the original tank.
    I will keep seatching for the info i saw then forgot to save.
  6. It should be easy enough...
    In the whole scheme of the conversion...

    A tricky bit ..will be the breathers and old fuel outlet..
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  7. Luckily i have a professional welder living next door, by chance yesterday when he was looking over the subaru, "will that engine fit and has it been done before?
    After a few minutes explaining yes and how, I casualy mentioned about welding the subaru pump fittings to the top of the bay tank. I can weld but not to his standard.
    " If you want a hand set it all up and i'll weld it up for you"
    Made me smile for the rest of the day.
    Brought a second hand rust free bay tank off e bay today, the conversion continues.

  8. i have a second tank, :)
    will you try to use the scoooby swirl pot in the bay tank ?:thinking:
    i feel you wont need to
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  9. Not sure yet i have a thread running on VWKD in the subaru section aswell.
  10. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    My swirl-pot is mounted to the side of the engine bay.

  11. that may be the scooby fuel filter .....:thinking:
  12. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Nope, t'is a swirl-pot apparently !
  13. Not seen the scooby fuel pump, but if its anything like the intank unit we sell, it is designed to sit on the bottom of the tank. This is so that all the fuel in tank is available to the pickup, and of course so that the sender works properly. If its not like ours, seen here then feel free to ignore the above :) If the scooby one is like ours, then its possible it has a swirl pot built in. The white plastic part on ours is the swirl pot.
  14. Great minds think alike :confused: I have also saved the internals from the Subaru tank. I was also wondering about fitting the Subaru clocks as well?
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  15. heres my fuel pump mod ....

    cut and bend the support in the centre,
    bend to shorten return pipe to suit....
    and tweak the fuel float to give it full range of movement
    1/2 an hr of fettling ...

    this makes it 8'' from top to bottom ..

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  16. Brought a rust free tank off E bay just got to finish stripping the car first.
    Are you fitting the swirl bits from the bottom of the subaru tank as well ?
  17. No as I could not wiggle the tank out of the car...

    the rear subframe seemed to trap it....?
  18. Do you think I would need one as I am not intending to go drifting, racing, rallying or compete in off road events ?

  19. your not going to throw it into corners, as fast as a scooby would have been ,
    just may need to have plenty of juice in the tank,

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