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  1. I’m starting he search for a Subaru 2.0lt engine and loom for a conversion on my van would consider a complete car or just the engine and loom. What’s out there or if you see one on your travels let me know thanks Ian.
  2. I have a 2l Legacy, complete car , can be driven.

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  3. Pm sent
  4. You probably want to buy a write off. Nothing over a 2005. If you’ve spent more than £500 on the car you’ve lost already.

    Send the loom to nick tune - contact on Facebook. He sometimes sells complete engines & looms ready done.

    Good luck.
  5. I’ve spoke to Nick already he has nothing at the moment only older 2.2 engines he says that he will remove the engine and do the loom from any car I get him if I need home to. Just unsure at the moment what to buy so just starting the search and putting out interest.
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  6. Did you get an engine or are you still looking ?
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    I spoke to Ben at Fellows about the 2.2.
    His opinion was “don’t bother”.
    They’re too old now to make it worth while.
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  8. You can put a 2.5 crank in a 2.0, that gives you just over 2.1, but is only really worth it if you are going for a high torque turbo.
  9. No still looking for the right one I’m going to take the engine out over the winter swap the gear box to the 6 rib I have and adjust the gear shift linkage cut a engine inspection hatch to make life easier all round and the stick the 2.0lt air cooled I have in and run it next year. It will give me more time to wait for the right car/engine to come along and to buy the other stuff a bit at a time.
  10. I have a 2.0 N/A engine from an 02 subaru legacy that i bought with a conversion in mind.
    The car had done just under 58,000 miles with full service history when i bought it and i
    removed the engine after running the car for a few months doing about 1,000 mile in it.
    I have since cleaned and painted it and reversed the inlet manifold ready to be fitted.
    I sent the loom to Nick tune for the work and also bought one of his shortened sumps that is
    still in the box ready to fit. I also picked up an alloy radiator with a scoop and 2 large electric fans
    fitted but not sure what make it is. Looks like a fellow type.
    I also have the original front exhaust with cat and sensors that i was going to convert to fit.
    The engine still needs a couple of the breather pipe extending and the alternator fitting but i
    was waiting for a relocating bracket that was out of stock.
    I'm wanting £1250 for the lot if it's the one for you.
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  11. I’ll contact you via PM
  12. Miles when engine removed.
    Radiator. sil 004.JPG radiator.jpg
  13. Sorted now thanks.

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