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  1. Hi all, as a serial lurker I just had to post tonight the best experience in all the time I've owned VWs the one that has been missing for me is a crew cab but it had to be powered by a subaru I imported from SA in 2015 and passed to MAC VW to make the dream come true this guy is truly a WIZARD with a magic wand I gave him a 70 baycrew cab with a 2.0n/a forester engine and he put together all my dreams, I drove it home tonight and the smile is still on my face
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  2. :TTIWWP:
  3. Nice one, glad it's all sorted

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  4. In your case, good stuff :thumbsup:
  5. Will get some pics done hopefully later today, have to say it had its highs and lows but got a lot of inspiration from all you guys that put up threads especially the self builds I doff my hat to you fellas wish I had the tools and workspace, and a big thanks to pkrboo for all the info at tatton. Anyway enough said just got to go outside and droll some more
  6. We want pics
    We want pics
    We want pics
    We want pics
    We want pics
    We want pics

    Although to be honest not of you drooling
  7. Ripped the heart and soul out of another bus ... but there again so did I apparently.
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  8. Murderer :eek:
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  9. you can't post that then now show us what it looks like !? Pics please
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  11. Sorry for the slow reply had to wait for the rain to stop "hope you like" t25 hatch cut down shown in last pic IMG_0749.JPG IMG_0752.JPG IMG_0754.JPG
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  12. Where does the radiator go on these conversions?
  13. Looks factory...:thumbsup:
  14. Radiator is underslung between centre rails. Thanks art b really pleased with it
  15. I'm amazed how well that fits. I bet it sounds great.
  16. Sounds amazing quiet on tick over but a nice growl mid range
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  18. Haven't done mine yet but heater tube comes out and you fit a water heater system in place of the air. See pkrboo thread think he's just done his
  19. Yup small matrix from a car with built in fan...:thumbsup:

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