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  1. I put my heater there as well, on the little shelf. Getting the heater tubes on was a right pain though!
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  2. Got a few days off work now, so trying to make some much needed progress, and get all the underside prep work done.

    Do you both and @pkrboo get plenty of power from the fan motor being located behind the suspension beam, I know it’s mainly relative to the cfm of the fan, but also thinking about the length of run......but I’m going to try mounting it under the pedal pan as I’ve already cut the front section of heater tube out now! probabaly going to order one of the compact units from T7design as I’ve not got much confidence in the cheap eBay heater I first bought, might be ok if mounted directly behind the dash, but not really suited to a remote location unless additional fans are used, might possibly use it as a rear heater though.
  3. Yes output is good, only talking another couple of feet to where yours is going, both locations are probably ok, I chose the front of the rad area as it's close to the ready cut chassis holes I wanted to use.

    Real heat is lovely !
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  4. I wouldn’t say plenty of power as I have mine going into the walkthrough area at the same time as can area. Wish I had left the diverter on now

    It’s enough to keep you warm.
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  5. New heater arrived from T7Design, was double the price of the first cheap eBay heater, but is in a different league for build quality, and blows a decent breeze.

    This is their Compact Evo1 model, 4.3kw with a 135cfm blower, with a bit of grinding to the edges of the handbrake lever mounting baseplate under the cab floor and a couple of braces to give it some support, it can be made to fit so it almost blows direct into the totem pole air pipe.

    Water pipes feed almost straight onto the feed/return spigots at the back of the unit, when running the hoses through the original heater tube.

    Just need to sort a 3 Speed fan switch now.


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  7. I’ve not posted an update in 16 months! In keeping with old habits, progress has been slow or I’d like to think of it as well considered and leisurely.

    Not much to report, I bottled at building the full gearbox, (I’d done the nose cone though) and decided to get Nick Tune to finish it off, and collected it this week.


    Had all the mounts/brackets/radiator housing etc powder coated ready for the rebuild.


    Finished the radiator pack, and have dry fitted it all with hoses, added rivnuts everywhere to attach the new side belly pans, and got a bit carried away with my new favourite tools for sheet metal work; Q-cutters and dimple dies! These have been essential for adding plenty of neat vent holes, hopefully this will be enough to ensure the expelled radiator heat doesn’t get trapped under the floor.


    A work in progress pic, using a nut gun makes light work to cut and swage the additional holes


    Gear linkage is almost done I think, but not had the finished gearbox in to test it yet. Using a beetle steering shaft for the moment as others have, had to open up the rearmost top hat section where it passes through, and to increase support for the gear shaft, I’ve added a bracket holding a pillar block bearing to the rear cross member, hopefully it’ll make the gear change more positive/less susceptible over time to increased play/or failure.


    Not secured, but gives the general idea.

    Just another quality photo I’ve taken whilst working.


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  8. really great work Kruger !
    Do you have a target for getting back on the road.
    No doubt about it, sometimes it's a slog, I was sick of the sight of my van on axle stands but it's awesome when it's finished. So come on, fix a date ;-)
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  9. Not really got a target to be back on the road, as time has slipped away when agreeing to take on other jobs,

    Got these here at the moment, finishing off a load of work on a friends early, front chassis leg replacement and all that entails, rebuilt front beam, and now swapping the engine out as the head gasket has gone, it runs a 16v MK3 golf engine, so not a quick swap over. Then theres a beetle to get fitted with a Subaru 2.0, meaning mines at the back of the queue!


    Plenty of panel work to do on mine, going for early arches/rear vents, there’s less of a van now than there was 2 years ago!

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  11. Maybe next year!
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  12. davidoft

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    it’s already next year ;)
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