Stylemans Bungalow Camping - Bishops Stortford

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  1. C&CC site - small - probably only enough room for 8 units - essentially a big sloping back garden alongside South Mill Lock. One toilet, clean but locked at night - electric hook up available - 15 minute walk into town - nearest pub is the Jolly Brewers. The other way is the River Stort canal system, with nearest pub that way about 3 miles. This is a site where you take your own grub and refreshments. Pleasant enough.
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    Looks nice, we might try that next weekend. :thumbsup:
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    Booked in for the weekend, off in about two hours. :)
  4. have a nice time be good n behaive :D
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    Well just got back from this site. It's a funny little site, the guy is very pleasant and the grass slopes down all the way to the river Stort. It does have about three flat areas (unfortunately they were all occupied by caravans).

    The M11 is quite close so you have a constant background drone of the traffic. :) Fortunately you can't hear it that often because it's drowned out by the frequent train noise from the Stansted Express train line which runs about 100 yards from the site. :)
    Luckily for us the train noise wasn't too intrusive as we couldn't hear it over the low flying aeroplanes taking off from Stansted airport ever minute or so. :)

    So, all in all, not the most restful site we've ever been on.

    But excellent for train and plane spotters.
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