Struggling to get into 1st and 2nd gear

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Geraint Thomas, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. Hi folks , so i started having a problem selecting 1st and 2nd gear whilst driving. Been under the bus today to investigate and found perished rubber bush front and rear ! And I think it’s called a rubber bellow also perished at the gear box end . Also there seems to be a rubber hose under the 1st bush is this normal?
    How hard is it to replace these parts? 7A1B4500-C15B-49CE-9464-E107F4D37352.jpeg 6707E04A-8213-4C56-8435-03E019AD780B.jpeg
  2. Your gear selector shaft appears to be joined by a piece of garden hose :eek:
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  3. Yeah that’s what I thought! But it’s not , when I looked from the other side it’s hose pipe cut in half and taped over the shaft.
  4. What’s underneath it?
  5. Just the shaft, don’t know why the hose pipe was there?
  6. Has someone made a bush from garden hose and this has slid out of place ?
  7. It’s looks like that’s what’s been done, there was also a rubber bellow over it too .
  8. Slap some grease on it and slide it back in . Job done
  9. Don’t let Barry read that ^^^
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  10. How difficult is it to replace the bushes and bellows . Also the gearshift coupler is looking worse for wear !
  11. There is a bolt near the handbrake lever on the shift rod assembly you can undo and then slide the front part back to change the bushing, then slide the shift rod forwards at the back to change the coupler at the gearbox end. I find turning the transverse big selftapper in the gearbox coupler to be a pain if the frontof the shift rod is still connected. (Do the front bushing then work at the back before reassembly)
    If it is not connected you can undo the bolt conencting the collar to the gearbox, rotate the coupler 90 degrees and use a screwdriver.

    Then on reassembly the pointed bolt goes into the dimple on the gearbox shaft, tighten it in the centre then lock off the bolt with wire (OG ones have a convenient drilled hole)
    Champagne cork wire snaffled from the race course bar at Sandown Park is best..

    The bellows can be replaced while the gearbox coupler is off . If its dripping oil there is a lip seal in there which is an engine and gearbox out job to replace a £3 part.
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  12. Thanks for that, I better get ordering new parts
  13. I’m thinking of getting a hole new shifter kit , any particular ones to avoid? What’s everyone else using?

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