Stronger Type4 motor for a bay

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  1. Dear fellow bayers, at the risk of raising a cacophony of contradicting views amongst the crew Íd like to collect some experiences of fellow members who have transplanted a stronger Type4 engine into their buses. My 2.0 with L-jet is somewhat weak (so what else is new?) and as I have had my gearbox rebuilt with a longer 4th, a stronger engine seems more appropriate than ever. Ím currently leaning towards a ~2.4 with either 88x93, 86x94, 86x96 or 76x100.
    Who has experience with such an engine?
    Please spare me the „go suby“, etc. nonsense

    Thanks so much,


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  2. Had mine rebuilt to 2.1 nice and strong. Shame about it overheating and eventually giving up.

    I’m now putting in a scooby
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  3. @zedders is the man to help with this one, he built a 2.4 that he is very happy with

    Real shame he doesn't post on this forum anymore though.

    you could try and find him on the blunderbus forum
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  4. This would fit!

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  5. I'm puzzled by the term 2.0 is weak?

    Does that mean it needs rebuilding or you want something with some get up and go.

    Our '73 runs a 1915 type 4, 34 ICT's with other tweaks and puts out a nice 96 bhp at the flywheel, it runs along rather well and is quite a torquey motor :)
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  6. Go beyond 80mm stroke and you’re heading for a difficult build. And go beyond 96mm bore and you’re heading for a lot of case machining.

    Of the options you’re considering-

    88x93 is 2391cc - very difficult crank, rods and cam choice, rod to cam interference a big problem and a lot of case machining required. Pistons to suit the small cylinders might not be available although I’ve never looked.

    86x94 - 2387cc, still difficult crank, rods and cam selection, rod to cam interference still a problem but not quite as difficult as 88 stroke, still a lot of machining required.

    86x96 - 2490cc, same problems as 86x94.

    76x100 - 2388cc easiest of your options to build but obviously case and head machining required.

    What I’m trying to say is that there is not much point in considering bore/stroke combinations that are possible on paper but impossible to build, and of your four possibilities really only one is viable.

    Zeds engine is a 71x104 – 2413cc. He used a standard 2.0l cam profile (I wouldn’t) so there is a lot of low down torque but the curve peaks early and the engine runs out of steam. It would probably suit a higher ratio 4th and an option you might want to consider but a lot of case and head machining required.

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide to do.
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  7. Zeds motor is still going strong. He went past me in the opposite direction last Friday going like the proverbial poo off a greasy shovel.
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  8. @Michael T. I suppose you have looked at the replies here and don’t like what you read, or you have the answer you want from somewhere else? As far as I know nobody on this forum has a 2.4l with the odd bore/stroke combinations you’re considering and I’d be interested to hear if anyone has.
  9. I’ve just noticed this is in the ‘how to’ section, Michael might get a better response if it were in ‘Modified Shizzle’.
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  11. @Michael T. Did you make any progress with this?

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