Strawberry Woods near Jodrell Bank, SK11 9DU

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  1. Went here for My birthday in August. It was lovely if a bit freaky, someone discribed it to us as being like the Blair Witch Project due to its location in a wood :eek:

    The only major downside for us was the wasps, we were surrounded by them :( I had to resort to duct tape on all the vents to try and stop them getting into the van. This did spoil the weekend, however I'd definately go to the site again just not during wasp season. No word of a lie the campsite must have had literally hundreds of them. Despite the duct tape at least 20 got into the van unfortunately they all died...... ::)

    Anyway it was £14 a night plus £2 for electric hook up. There is a pub about a mile down the road called the Red Lion (just turn right out of camp and follow the road) The ratings I had found for the pub were not very favourable BUT we thought it was fab, the food was lovely and very reasonably priced.

    Entrance Road

    Showers and toilets, these were really really clean.

    Little notice hut with loads of leaflets for local attractions.

    There are about 24 pitches, the ones around the outside are sheltered on 3 sides with big bushes and trees.

    Private fishing lake that you can use, very pretty.

    The pub ;D

    All in all We liked the site, the only down side was the wasps.
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  2. Great write up thanks - It's nice to get some sites closer to home.

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