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  1. The app for athletes.
    Anyone on here use it?
  2. Yep, I’m on it, though haven’t done anything for a while.
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    I use it. I'm a fair weather Strava user though.
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    No - it marries the worse of the worse for me....a social media platform full of people in better nick than I am coupled with it being obvious that only hard work will aid my lack of fitness.

    I want before and after pictures of fat people eating lard cake on a Monday, with a six pack by a Friday and all they did was literally sit on their arse and a machine sent electric signals to their buttock area.
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  5. Yes, I'm a big fan. Mostly for a personal record of my cycling, but also for finding new routes and some extra motivation on the hills. You can pay for their premium 'summit' experience, but I'm not sure its worth the money, the free functionality covers most of it. But, I think of the bus as a cycling support vehicle...
  6. Ive just started using mine again, after a 3 year hiatus of letting my knee get better, after ripping my meniscus, I did a 21 miler on Sunday. It took me an hour and three quarters. But while I was looking at my result on Strava(always makes me feel like a champion, when I see the hills I’ve done, you know, self satisfaction), I found one that I did with me lawnmower... 938590A2-99E3-4F1C-8655-2E018FB25EAB.png
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  7. I thought that Strava was the app for finding expensive new bikes as detailed on social media parked outside the pub while the owner is inside.

    Or for fat arses in Lycra three abreast chatting to their mates while I am trying to work how to get past. Usually solved by the cyclists having to deal with the nutter coming the other way.
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  8. I go on me own. Can’t keep up with them sorts on their 4 grand carbon bikes. Mines a 200 quid one from Halfrauds, just to keep the fitness up, and save petrol a bit.
  9. In a Strava user. I tried to avoid using it but the others; Mapmyride and Endomondo kept crashing.

    I use it to record the miles and I do share the odd ride too.

  10. Good bit of self motivation, mate.
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  11. Gotcha!
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  12. Missed a bit.
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