STOLEN tiaga green westy

Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by mazza6660, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. hey guys i had my tiaga green westfailia stolen last night from south london brixton area reg OLY83P if anyone see any floating around recent respray so its really clean not holding much hope really ,and due to my lazyness i didn't get round to doing the agreed evaluation so it insured at a very low price /Users/lordmaza666_111/Desktop/P1000804.JPG/Users/lordmaza666_111/Desktop/P1000809.JPG/Users/lordmaza666_111/Desktop/P1000810.JPG/Users/lordmaza666_111/Desktop/P1000800.JPG it no longer has the fuches on it has steels but they have been powder coater white with the crome hub caps and brand new hancook 185 tyres. sorry guys i dont know how to attach photos to post
  2. delilah

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    That's a gutter! Hope it turns up!
  3. rickyrooo1

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    Gutted for you mate, hope it turns up.
  4. gutted for you,will keep a look out in kent and se london

    if you have any pictures you can send to
    and we will print them off and put them up in our showroom
  5. Terrible news :eek:

    Get some photos up here if you can and the word will go out on FB, Twitter etc.

    Also - the VolksWorld show is this weekend - have you thought about asking if anyone can keep an eye out for vans matching yours (anything specific about the interior someone could look for) in the for sale section?
  6. Cheers guys will put up photos and a better description tonight it is tiaga green with white westy roof white bumpers white steel wheels with crome hub caps its got the jade green front mats set from mad mats
  7. Its on TLB twitter .... can all members please RT
  8. is it on Facebook yet?
  9. Just tweeted myself. Gutted for you mate, can only imagine how it must feel.
  10. Will look out for it :( ,hope you get some better news soon .
  12. Hope you get it back soon
  14. will keep my eyes peeled, I hate it when this happens its not a nice feeling had a beetle stolen a good few years back now, got it returned though :) turned out the guy was exporting them but got caught when he jumped a red light in another stolen car at 2am and they found my car along with several others parked down his street. I hope it shows up for you though fingers crossed.
  15. We'll keep an eye open in warwickshire area for you.
    Hope she turns up.

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