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  1. valid point silver..just a thought....made interesting reading.. :)
  2. The place is in the middle of nowhere, but its a well known vw place in that area. Someone was, home all the time but from inside the house you cannot see the rear work shop or any one out there in the dark. Unless you were looking out the window all the time!
    The road they would have gone down is also rarely used and theres no houses etc so yes no one would have seen :-/
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    This is fixed in several ways:

    The insurance companies need to actively invest in legal action through the civil courts to recover losses against guilty car thieves, especially the gangs and garages. Bankrupt the lycheeers and making life hard for them financially for a long time makes car theft far less the moment they usually cop a non custodial sentence for 'victimless' crimes, so it has next to no deterrent. Insurance companies don't care as they simply up your premium whilst protecting their profits. This needs to change as TWOCing carries extremely limited penalties.

    The police need to be encouraged to persue car thieves to the limit of the law, so they come on your property (trespass) and break in to your garage (burglary) or hook your keys through your front door letterbox (burglary) then you should insist they get scenes of crime out rather than the crime number over the phone they sometimes pull.

    Owners need to invest in security and USE IT.

    Lock the thing. Alarm it if you want, trackers, steering locks, wheel camps etc, use them.

    Personnally I like smart water, window etching etc as if the Feds do locate a stash of parts it gives them some scope for recovery and handling stolen goods evidence.

    Finally, as a community we should exercise zero tolerance for suspicious vans and parts, not that 'got a bargain mate' bullMarmite that people seem ok with at times. Same for businesses with dodgy reps...using them feeds the thieves.

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