Stolen last night

Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by Mango72, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Taken from prototype forum but local to me so thought I'd add to late bay aswell.

    Stolen last night - Sat 9th June. Willingdon. Eastbourne East Sussex. A Friends camper.

    Not an prototype, but a T25.
    Minty Green (non VW) paint job. V clean looking T25. Maybe still heading for the docks.
    Any info greatly received.
  2. Get them to put it up on 80-90, lots of T25 owners around south east so better chance of a spot!


  3. Thats a choker, will put word about as have friends and family that way, hope they catch em :(
  4. This van has now been found by Sussex Police. It was found in Moulescombe (no suprise there) not the most desirable place in Brighton.

    Found with smashed window and wiring modified but fortunately in one piece with no other damage.

    Good news for once, case closed.
  5. Nice when the owners get it back. How many are stolen never to be seen again. :(

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