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  1. I know that this is for stolen busses ect however i am trying everything at the mo

    i am a kayaker in the St austell area. I have come home today to find that all of my kayaks, a salom canoe and a windsurf board have all been stolen.

    There was a blue aqua bat
    a black plastic (dont no the make or model but the foot rest has been removed)
    black topped salom kayak
    Grey salom canoe
    and a wind surf board sail boom and mast.

    This is just a message to warn of the theft and ask you to pass on this information to local canoests ect and see if they could keep an eye out for them and if you are to hear anything if you could let me know either by e-mail or call on 07825162983.

    Thanks for your help
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    Put this on face book for you
  3. Cheers dude

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