Stolen in Liverpool

Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by 72wilma, Sep 24, 2016.

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  2. Will keep eyes open in West lancs
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    saw that on facebloke
  4. According to the Stolen VW Register, it's been found.
  5. Jesus, that link is a litany of useless non value adding tosh isn't it?

    I get the sympathy comments, but a lot of it is just durge....
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  6. I beleive the owner found the van herself, parked behind some gates and phoned the police.

    Its being repaired now then going into storage at my mates place.
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  7. I thought this might have been a thread about tautologies!
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  8. They can live to over 150 yrs old you know!
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  10. Anything with the headline "Stolen in Liverpool" doesn't really seem remarkable.

    Glad it was found though.
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  11. Seriously? still that old stereotype?

    Its funny because we were only talking about this today. I'm born and bred in Liverpool, lived there for 35 years and ironically the only car ive ever had broken into was a Polo and that was in York!

    Liverpool is one of the greatest cities, with SOME (theres a lot of cocks but also sadly everywhere has them too!) of the greatest people you could ever meet.

    It goes on all over and everywhere has it good and bad neighbourhoods, comments like this used to anger me but with my old wisdom now I just find them narrow minded, attention seeking and funny.
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  12. Stereotyping is quite funny really I was talking to someone about Essex girls. We googled image Essex girls and Newcastle girls. Essex... it's so not true going by those pics
  13. That's a bit Hegelian dialectic for this forum, lar
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  14. Whoah! Sorry mate!

    I make jokes about all sorts and you can rarely tell a joke these days without offending someone. Your turn this time, I'm afraid.

    Btw, when I drive through Liverpool, I use a hovercraft. That way no one can nick the wheels!

    (Runs for cover)
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    We like stereo types on here, it's an age thing. None of those new fangled CD's for us dude!
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  17. I don't even bother driving across Liverpool these days, I just nick different cars all the way over, saves on the merseyrail fares, now that's real theft!
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  18. fact - lime street station has the highest proportion of 1 way tickets purchased. train out drive back.

    calm down calm down
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    Me too. Get a bit sick of it but the more you react to it, the more it just encourages comments so I just bask in the knowledge that it's a great city with great people.
    A while back I was on a train coming back from Brum. There were two Scouse squaddies returning home to Liverpool and a group of four Norwegian blokes who were revelling and indulging in, the 'cheap' on board beer! They bought the soldiers a couple of beers:beer: and got chatting - in perfect English (the Norwegians not the squaddies o_O). One of the questions the Norwegians asked was how did the squaddies feel about their home town, Liverpool having the reputation of being the crime capital of England, when as they so eloquently said, statistics provided by the Home Office showed other cities such as Newcastle, had equal or worse levels of crime. They made for an interesting journey home.
  20. @Ploptop2 when you say we like stereo types on here, do you mean we like people who nick stereos
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