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  1. What did you see it on Erms?
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  3. eat mids news this afternoon.
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  5. Im well up for spotting this. Hope I see it!
  6. Ta will try to get home to watch the evening one!
  7. Did it have white wheels on when it was stolen?
    I only ask because it was mentioned yet in that twitter pic the split has black wheels
  8. Also if it was on the black wheels in the pic in the first post its not the same tyres as the twitter pic has red band tyres
  9. unless its already under wraps theres a lot of work to go into disguising that van - its pretty distinctive and to disappear "out in the open" will need respraying and height adjustment - fingers crossed its found before they can do anything to it.
  10. This is what Ive seen on Facebook

    Stolen last night from Nottingham, it's been a long family resto and as you'll understand matt and his family are devastated.
    Even if you don't care about cars, please share because I'm sure you'll have car loving friends.
    Lets get matt and his family there bus back.
    There's a reward for any info.
    p.s. it had white wheels on when it was stolen.
  11. On Truck drivers web page you never know. Hope they get it back and lets hope some thing happens to the people who took it and they never walk again and therefor unable to do this to any one else.
  12. Hi I'm the owners bother in law. The bus was as pictured when taken with black wheels. Please keep sharing the picture and thanks for all your help.
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  13. any news on this - it all seems to have gone quiet??? shared a lot on facebook when it first happened, but nothing been on since Easter :(
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    112 is the Europe wide emergency number.

    Here non emergency number is 101
  15. Theres a load of numbers that work as emergency on mobiles supposed to make it easier for foreigners 911 works too
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    so what does the BBC do but publish their street name :eek:
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    Anyone heading up or down the M1 or to Big Bang @ Santa Pod this weekend, look out for this splitty, its been seen heading north on the M1 near to Toddington a couple of hours ago two youths driving it.

    Its been suggested its heading to the Pod for Big Bang - keep them peeled folks, theres a £2500 reward!
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  18. Pretty sure it will be undercover somewhere until the heat dies down.
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    ^^^ unless its been bought unwittingly by some poor sod it'll not be at the Pod!
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