Stolen from Lincolnshire

Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by baygeekster, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Just seen this on Facebook
  2. not another one ! Hoping they get it back :(
  3. please Put the FB link up, more people repost this more chance of someone seeing it
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  4. Fingers crossed for them
  5. Scumbags ! Hope he gets it back
  6. Zed


    The reg plate looks very familiar.
    Do we know who's it is? Name on facebook?
  7. Oh no not another :(
  8. Every year I think it's getting worse but I think it always happens this time of year. Not that that makes it any better. Once mine has an engine I'm going to get a tracker. Or get it to my folks and get dad one of those poles/bollards for the driveway.
  9. It seems that it is prudent to add as much security as you can afford. At minimum an alarm but if you can afford it a tracker - especially if you own a restored bus - these appear to be the ones the thieves go for - they are probably stolen to order and exported. Physical barriers are also a good idea ie keep in a garage or behind locked gates or fit a wheel clamp - anything that would slow a would be thief down.

    Gutted for the owners.
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  10. posted on my Fb wall...hope you get it back...heart breaking
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  11. Who is buying these vans? appleers hats who
  12. Scumbags. Need stringing up.
  13. dog


    Assholes :(
  14. Your about a year out of date ;)

    Anybody know what happened with this in the end?
  15. Terrordales

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    Off to the remedial classroom with you my lad if you won't keep up :lol:
  16. dog


    They're still assholes lol
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  17. Moons

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    Has this been a long year of mounting anger over this, suddenly erupting now?
  18. Not the best choice for "resurrecting a dead thread":D

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