Stolen from Beckenham SE London

Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by jimc, May 13, 2014.

  1. Went out this morning to find van gone off the drive. It's a green westfalia 1979 t2, gutted. We think it was taken around midnight. The reg is uey 515t. The doors are quite distinctive as I never got round to painting the top half white. Also the cab headliner is distinctive as it's cover in tin tin pics. If you see any thing please call the cops, thanks for looking


  2. Gutted for you, will keep a look out.
  3. I'm out on the road tomorrow with work, down to Redditch & back to Notts, I'll keep my eyes peeled in Derbyshire too
  4. Will stick it on my FB if you're ok with this, also register it with the stolen VW register - good track record of recovery.
    Gutted that it's gone.
  5. I will keep an eye out for it.
  6. Great thanks for your help, feel like lost a member of the family
  7. Thanks, feels good to know others care
  8. I'd be gutted if any of our buses got stolen..there's plenty of guys n gals on here who'll spread the word too
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    That is very bad news mate. I'll certainly keep an eye out whilst I'm giving driving lessons. We can easily change our lesson plan and change a left reverse into a hot pursuit.
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  10. choker , will keep lookout , good luck , hope it turns up.
  11. I didn't wait for a response - sorry - but I have posted and shared with about 6 different Dub groups / forums on there.
    Even shared with a French based group.
  12. Will keep em peeled.
  13. Gutted for you mate, will keep an eye out in Surrey & Croydon areas. Any ideas if it was driven or towed away?
  14. Sorry to hear this - will be keeping an eye out and spread the word.. :(
  15. Is there a Facebook link so we can spread it round?
  16. I just stuck it on my wall and in groups @AdyF

    Shared in Peterborough and Berkshire
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  17. Hope you get it back in one piece, I also hope the one who took it falls under a truck. :mad:
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  18. Gutted for you. I hope it comes back and in one piece.
  19. Guys thanks for all the responses, I think it was towed away which suggests stolen to order rather than an a chance theft
  20. Keeping my eyes peeled in Sw London for you
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