stolen earlybay in kent this morning/lastnight KYH 364K

Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by rickyrooo1, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. rickyrooo1

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    mike f from earlybay has reported his van was taken last night/this morning he hasn't given details at the moment but i've replied to his post and asked if he wants it putting on here and twitter/facebook, if you could all monitor the earlybay site during the day as i can't get on much while at work this week i'm sure he would appreciate it,the thread is called stolen van blues if it works here is the link.
    EDIT he has posted pics on the link now, can someone with facebook do the thing on the stolen van thread? and all tweeters r/t it?

  2. delilah

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    That's bad, we know Mike great guy. Eyes peeled here!
  3. Good call rick, eyes peeled here
  4. Terrible

    Will keep a look out
  5. Not another one, f*#$ers!
  6. posted this on my facebook page too...
  7. Coventry covered
  8. I'll update FB TWITTER etc shortly
  9. Diddymen

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    eyes peeled here, hope he gets it back
  10. ok - its up on TLB FB & Twitter --- get RTing and spread the news online!
  11. Eyes out in Hertfordshire
  12. ill keep an eye out around helston and on the road back to manchester
  13. any news ?
  14. That is just awful, posted on my FB page and shared the link with other VW friends.
    I really hope that he gets it back and that they catch the scum that took it.
  15. hailfrank

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    Did you drive along the M4 this evening? If so maybe you saw the camper described below in an email from a friend. As he says it is a long shot that it may be my van (stolen last week) but even to eliminate it would be useful...


    A very long shot indeed, but I saw a van like yours (ie with a fixed tin top parked on the grass verge beyond the hard shoulder on the Eastbound carriageway of the M4 between J13 and J12 (I was driving home from Corris). This would have been arround 18:15 (plus or minus 15 mins) this evening. However, the vehicle had a white top and slightly muddy green sides. Its back engine access was down, suggesting it had broken down. It was tucked well into the grass bank at the side of the hard shoulder, and unfortunately, I did not get sight of the Reg Number since I only got a short sideways glance at the vehicle. There did not seem to be anyone standing outside the vehicle and I got a feeling that it looked as if it had been there for some time but may be wrong about this.

    Bearing in mind that a stolen vehicle can be re-sprayed quite quickly and that you said that there were not many models like this about, I thought it worth passing this on. Maybe it would be possible to check out and eliminate this sighting if you have contacts with similar owners - eg via a VW club?

    Best wishes, and I hope you get the van back!


    just see this on eb
  16. North london covered. very similar reg to my own so will def know if i spot it.
  17. Thanks to everyone who helped search for the lost van. The bad news is it never shwoed up, the worse news that the old Bill did nothing apart from check one cctv camera in Swanley it seems, and unable / unwilling to get the guy next door to let us have his cctv footgae which shows the car which dropped the thieves off!

    The insurance paid up the full agreed value though and were so co-operative, due to a great extent to the numerous forums which came up when the guy googled my old van registration numer. So, a big thanks here to all Latebayers who helped.

    I've now got a replacement in the form of a LHD DeLuxe tintop dating back to 1967. It's a dark red and all but one perosn who has seen it in the garden thought it was the old van back (not very observant round here!). It's now tucked up in the new garage so hopefully safe.

    Thanks again and if there are two lessons I'd pass on it's get the agreed value done and get some security.
  18. delilah

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    Shocking that the CCtv from next door couldn't get accessed Mike! Glad for you that you've found a new bus!!
  20. this is a old post but if someone is recording a public street on cctv ,you can get the footage by law if a crime has been commited and said cctv recorded the criminals ...just ask the police to get it for you ...

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