Stocking Fillers???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by donnups, Nov 23, 2011.

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    my eyes were drawn instead to the gifts along the bottom.

    How to poo in work... WTF...that's just durteee!
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  3. i had the build your own bay window from katie last year - i even did a restoration thread for it all
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  7. our trainee at work poops can set your watch by him..09.10am for fifteen mins..usually around 11.30am, fifteen mins followed by a visit around 1.45pm then again around 3.10pm..monday through friday..without fail!
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    :laugh2: guess he's not in the static motion group then?
  9. Now that is impressive!!! one fast digestive system!!
  11. PIE



    Someone had to do it !
  15. When I was an failed apprentice, you used to put the lid down, put your feet up on the door and nod off until pins and needles woke you up. Repeat as required. Sorted after a hard night out. :)

    Mind you those were the days of red robbo - even the apprentices were on a go slow - trying not to learn too much.

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