Stoats Farm, Totland

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  1. Just stayed 3 nights here and loved it.

    Probably helped that we had it virtually to ourselves.

    The facilities are basic but clean and adequate.

    Very friendly owners. Our son came and stayed for one night in his small tent. Next morning I offered to pay and she just said 'We don't charge for awnings so we'll treat it as an awning'

    Freezing of ice blocks is free. Good pub with good food just over the road.

    Mostly sloping with a few flatter areas.

    Stunning walks from the site to the Needles.

    Would definitely stay again.

    Stoats Farm is the open area surrounded by trees in the centre of this picture:


    You can just make out Flo all on her own at the top of a big field.
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  2. We've just done 3 nights here July 2014.

    We had a great time

    It is a very simple site(which i much prefer)

    You don't get a view of the sea, but the location is great for getting to quality beaches (like compton) plus easy access to freshwater, totland bay, the needles, alum bay, Yarmouth etc. This is the quiet side of the island apparently.

    Bathrooms worked fine but are old and tatty looking, which bothers some people (not me)

    Staff were V friendly and helpful, my new fridge didn't work so we were in and out of the little shop swapping ice blocks over and buying ice lollies as it was red hot when we were there.

    If you haven't been to the Isle of Wight in your camper van then i say do it soon, it was amazing.

    We saw signs advertising the VW show - VW Island in August, i'd have gone straight back but i'm busy that weekend

    I found it a very simple trip and it was much quicker (nearer) than I thought.
    Sheffield to Northampton 2hours
    Northampton to Portsmouth 2h10 ish
    Portsmouth to Fishbourne IOW - ferry
    Went to a mates party, stayed at Carpenters Farm
    Stoats Farm Totland Bay (3 nights) amazing!
    Yarmouth to Lymington - ferry
    Lymington to Northampton 2h20
    We spent the last day on the beach, got the 5pm ferry back to the mainland and were in Northampton for 8.20pm!
    Northampton to Sheff 2h

    As way of comparison it took me 5hours solid driving in a 'normal' vehicle to get from Northampton to Cornwall!
  3. We stayed here July 2014 for 3 nights aswell when we had that mental hot hot hot weather, the pub had a beer festival with live music...Fantastic!
    We shared the site with a Dutch couple, a German family & 3 French lads cycling to London and that was it,all very continental...Brilliant just to chat with these fellow travellers
  4. we must have just missed you as we met a German family as well, we entertained them with the longest awning erection in history!
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    @paulcalf that last bit just sounds wrong :lol:
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  6. It was took bloody ages to put the awning up!
  7. Nice to see this place is having a totally new revamp and will be open in May 2021, still enjoyed it when it was a bit hit a miss though

    Stoats Farm - Home | Facebook
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  8. Wow

    Nice one for the update, they must be gearing up for an increase in numbers. Its a big campsite area so hopefully will cope!

    New owners & Premium prices now

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