still figuring out my servo prob... quick diagnostic question?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by gavtheoldskater, May 21, 2017.

  1. on going from my thread the other day, i have now installed a pipe off my manifold but still no signs the servo is working.

    i have verified that the stop valve is correctly installed. i have sprayed brake fluid onto the manifold to see if i had not sealed that correctly and also around my new pipe joins and the engine idle did not increase.

    i have yet to do this test on all the joints underneath but one thing i have noticed is that when i pump the brake the idle increases a little. i have read that tyhis can be an indication that i'm running a bit rich but that aside could that indicate anything?

    following on from that i disconnected the vac pipe from the servo and could feel a good suck from the engine when blocking the pipe end with my thumb. i also observed that the idle decreased when i did this. can this indicate anything?

    can anyone offer any advice on any of this, or is it that the engine idle increase/decrease is not related to my servo at all nor does it indicate any potential vac leaks?

    the servo itself looks pretty old, and i tried sucking a pipe from it and then sealing with my tongue but there was'nt really a noticeable suction when i released the seal.
  2. Sounds like it's like I said before. The servo is knackered and a P/O has disconnected it but kept the original master cylinder.

    Just like mine was!

    Get a Brazilian servo (You'll have to drill some new holes in the plate on the beam) and new master cylinder and you'll be amazed!:)
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