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  1. Not bad for 5 Euros a night and you get a good night's sleep as well.
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  2. It's right next to the town and beach, ideal.
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  3. Not far to stagger back then.
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  4. Haha it had toilets as well, thought it was a camper lorry :)
  5. I stayed along the beach in Portugal for a few weeks just bumming around camping with the Opel Combi.Had some German tourist start a fire on the beach wiitch is a big no-no because it's normally for a signal for the boats to come ashore and drop off tons of hash from Morocco. I told him to put it out. They wouldn't listen ,a little while later few Portuguese police showed up with machine guns and shotguns.looking very seriuos ... I knew they were coming ,I just stood by the car and told him them in spanish ,"over there" that's where they are just stupid Germans." They got a fine im ora chewing out im sure .One of the last times I camp for free in Portugal. Wish I could've seen the look on their face. And gave them a big told you so .But is soon as the police told me to get out I was gone. Biggest problem was the wind though and the dirt parking lots ..
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  6. Not good- are you by the leisure complex thingy now?
  7. Yes I think so there's some floodlights across the road, not sure what's in there.
  8. @Barry Haynes said he'd gone fishing for the weekend. You sure he's not come to see you @Lord Congi ? (Bloke bottom left of your picture)
    Prehaps that was him trying your doors last night!!!:eek:
  9. lol ..
  10. In that case I'm glad I moved :thumbsup:
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  11. Can't wait to travel with you next year! Sounds fab!!! Might pack the baseball bat tho!!

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  12. My van has been parked there all on its lonesome for 3 days - most campers stick together, just a chancer
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  13. There a little cafe there that, I'm reliably told by the Father in Law, does the best Medronho and cheap!! (Not that father in law would have a glass of the local firewater at lunch time oh no or has sampled all of them within a 20mile radius).
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  14. Yes it's right opposite:)
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  15. Mistaken Identity. Too much hair
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  16. Thinking about it your probably right about the hair but and I was wrong about him trying @Lord Congi's doors.................................he'd have been at the "back door" no doubt!!!!!!:rolleyes:
    Be afraid!:eek::eek::eek:
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  17. Should have threatened em with "the frying pan" !
    Oh wait a minute, it's in the cupboard with the bog roll in the Landmark :confused:
  18. Is this another name for your John Thomas?
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  19. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Barry, do you actually own a copy of that album?
  20. No Don, why??

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