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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Razzyh, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. ^^this exactly. The irony is that the folks that didn't like the rules here and started the 'other site', still have rules set by the new site hosts.
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  2. So somebody tried to open a similar forum under a very similar name and got his wife banned???
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  3. @Moons

    When i read most of your posts yesterday (didn't have time to respond), i did think i'd just reply in the same way 'someone' else responds, "whats's your interest in this matter" and then "goodnight" but quite frankly thats a lame response when your effectively saying i'll do what i like and if you don't like it f off. i never had a problem with anyone on here, until recently and that problem is with one person.

    so to answer you:

    I'm assuming you are busy as you've not come back to guessing your expected SLA's on us mods is different to what we might expect in return.

    yes i was busy at work and when i was home, i went straight into the garden. SLA's: I've not demanded a response within a set number of days, i've not demanded anything, just that my wife's access is put back on.

    My next question was more along the lines of why your wife's account talks about you in the first person, but hey ho.

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean on this, my wife has an account, i have an account.

    So where does that leave us?

    I've met you, I've spent time in you and your kids're a good bloke.

    Thanks - but i'm not the only good bloke about, there are plenty more....

    For whatever reason, something has driven you to cross the line in my eyes with the registering the domain's not hard to guess what you might have in mind to do that.

    I'm not sure why you feel i've crossed the line, someone else owned it long before me and now i do, i happen to notice it was available (when i was looking for contact information) and purchased it, if the .com 'owners' were bothered about it then they could have purchased it. i did think about doing something Marmitety with it, but i'm not a knob and so far i've done nothing with it. i did think about using it to host the pictures due to the photoshop conspiracy, but after asking someone on here, it seemed to much effort. its a web address, could be used for lots of reasons, but as i've said i'm not a knob. Pete had an agreement with whoever previously owned, unfortunately Pete's (who i've met and is a good bloke) now disappeared.

    I understand you are far from happy (hint ffs don't kick that off here again as plainly the answer you are getting isn't satisfactory in your eyes) but do us all a favour and quit with the wide eyed innocence and victim stuff as it serves you badly.

    i'm not unhappy, all i've asked is for wifey to be given her access back, you say wide eyed innocence, but that is exactly what i am. i originally got banned for sharing a pm, that contained some weird Marmite, and for the most part, made no sense to me, its hardly crime of the century.

    As ever, nice people such as @Robo and @paulcalf get caught in the crossfire as for whatever reason people escalate.

    They've not got caught in the crossfire per se', like most people, you have met them as well as i have, they too are good people, they just see what the 'owner' is doing and don't like it, in fact it reads to me like some (at least 1) of the mods don't like all the banning and other Marmite thats happened either, i.e slowing down peoples access etc.

    I left this site a few years ago as I was unhappy with the way my friend was being treated (ironic given the best friends for ever status they seem to enjoy now with the same people that openly slated his family, again, hey ho).

    I didn't slate people on other websites
    Didnt try to contact sponsors
    Didn't try to contact site owners
    Didn't try to contact site hosting providers
    Didn't hack or force mods other people's account logins
    Procure hacking software, solely to knock this site over
    Didn't try and attack mods on social media
    Didn't try and hit mods employers (yep, someone tried that with's a hint, I do major IT for a living....hiding behind VPN tunnels using the first service supplier you find on google can backfire when one of my friends worked for them...schoolboy error)
    And I haven't tried to register a similar domain so I can probably redirect traffic.
    I've not even mentioned the never ending character assassinations on other sites, and hurtful sh1t about people's families.

    So.....I'm not saying you @Razzyh have done that above.....just trying to help people understand the level some people happily go to in whatever vendettas they have with this place.

    As you say, your not saying i've done any of this and for any one reading i've not done any of that ^^^ (or as far as i'm aware i've not!)

    Also explains why some people get hit hard on occasion when 'innocently' demanding their rights here.

    I'm very comfortable with we are all different, and from day one knew that an old van didn't guarantee bretherin across all my world views....the difference has been an education.

    But if I can't see a place for me....I don't King Canute it....just go away and do something less boring instead.

    Apologies if it's ruined the vibe....but the 'truth' had more than one side and all I know is this site is passive unless stirred in this equation.

    Hopefully this has answered your questions but in the meantime @Fish please unblock my wife's access.
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  4. nothing as exiting as that i'm afraid. i got banned, my wife got banned, i'm allowed back in, my wife is not.
  5. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    @Razzyh are you sure she's banned?
    There was someone on most of the day yesterday with, what I thought was, her username?
  6. Just checked and she is not banned. It must have been lifted at some point yesterday. Though she uses tapatalk which probably shows her as being online.
  7. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    No idea mate, I just noticed a name similar to the one you said your Mrs uses was on most of the day.
    I thought it was someone taking the pi55 as it's the same name as the old JK mod.
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  8. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    So a pm at the beginning would have got the same result - probably a lot quicker.
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  9. I doubt it. Seems fish has been busy with other stuff.
  10. I never frequented the JK forum. Maybe she knows something I don't
  11. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Thank you for that response.

    We'll not see eye to eye on the domain name thing....but hey, two people not agreeing online....who'd have thought....

    Regarding the busy at work thing......just my way of demonstrating how it feels as a mod when people get a little jumpy about our 'service'....I'm sure you can forgive me.
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  12. Ok now that's all cleared up let's get back to talking about what this forum is actually about, wait campers!!!!
  13. All this hacking amd double dealing its just like being in MFI or do I mean MI5 :D
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  14. Either of them is fine by me :)
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  15. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    This whole sorry saga is getting ridiculous so can I suggest a few things for the good of both forums?

    @Fish: stop bloody banning people. Take a deep breath and have a think if it's really that bad!
    Everyone else: can we stop the thinly veiled trolling of our own forum? It doesn't help when even bloody moderators think it's funny starting threads about their wives not being banned. I'll tell you straight; it isn't.

    It was a shame when some of the most prolific members buggered off. I'll admit that at the time I thought it was no bad thing (and the loss of a few of them made my day). I was wrong. It's royally buggered this place and spawned another forum which is no better or worse than this place for banging on and on about it. I'm on there. Have I ever posted? No. Purely because I didn't want to give the ring leaders the satisfaction. I get ridiculed for it but it's no different to them constantly being on here and reporting back.. the irony of that isn't lost on me; not sure I can say the same for others.

    Anyway, it's a bloody forum, not real life so let's all get over it hey?

    Please nobody take offence to any of that ^^^, there's none intended.
  16. A good banning ?
  17. This exactly, 2am this morning I was woken by some people trying to break into my camper, scared them by shouting and grabbing my massive kitchen knife, have moved up the road to a car park next to the beach with water hook up and Ellison for 5 euro a night, that's life.
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  18. Any damage?

    Glad your ok.
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  19. Nope just trying all the doors roughly.
    Now know why I'm the only one camping there most nights, everyone's here :)
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