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  1. I just thought I would post a review of my dealings with Steve of Steve Strong engines. He has been a pleasure to deal with. I needed a replacement long block for my camper which is what he has put together for me.

    When I arrived to collect the engine he was very accomodating and talked me through the engine he had put together and how to run it in. He offered advice on unrelated issues and spent time out of his working day to just have a chat.

    The engine itself looks ace and I'm just itching to get it back in (just a few issues to sort out in the engine bay area first :D) When it is in and running I will update the review but I am confident in the service I recieved from Steve and in his continued support.

    A couple of pics of the engine as it was picked up.

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  2. Its a 1600 TP, a replacement for the one that was broken in the bus I have. I only wanted bog standard, nothing special but I know he does do different spec engines.
  3. Cool, give it a write up once its in and running :thumbsup:
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  4. Yes let us know how you got on, unfortunately mine was one problem after the other but I was perhaps just very very unlucky
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  5. Great looking engine, as poor robcod experienced mine to was a disaster! Despite my 1641 looking great it blew two oil coolers, I checked the pressure relief and one of the valves was seized. I then replaced the cooler and 6 miles into my first journey the engine seized! It took me two years to fit the engine so realistically I can't complain to steve, all I'd say is make sure you have a written warranty. Good luck
  6. Mine also blew two oil coolers!!! Dubs and classics re-built my old engine and it's been spot on.
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    No direct experience, but they have about the worst rep on the scene. Having perused vzi, I'd guess the OP was the man himself in disguise as he seems to be the only one with a positive opinion of himself and the speil contained is the same as he usually writes when pretending to be a satisfied customer.
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  8. It writes like an advertorial.
  9. The mind boggles that there are people out there doing such poor work and still touting for more. It can't be much fun doing a job and being no good at it... failure is no fun, and neither is having unhappy customers come back to you. Personally maybe one in ten of the repair jobs I do at work results in failure, hours lost, and no charge to the customer... main thing is that they're happy - you make it up on the majority that go well. I still beat myself up if I don't succeed - ultimately I have to remind myself it's not my fault - not everything can be repaired (economically).

    No comment on the OP or Steve Strong (which is a name that inspires confidence, at least) - if it's a genuine post I hope the engine turns out to be a good'un. Maybe he's got better at it.
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    It's a two year old post so he should know by now ;)
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  11. Another reason for the high oil pressure is probably caused by a chunk of the black sealer he uses on case joint and barrel to case joints, god knows what it is but it sets like concrete and there is lots of it. The one thing in their favor is that surely they cant possibly leak oil with that much sealer on them :)
  12. He advertised the bus for sale later that year, so maybe all didn't go well ;)
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  13. I have 1835 engine he sold in my workshop it ran for 20 seconds no oil pressure. The engine is a piece of Marmite. He has totally ignored the customer. I am sick of the so called experts that sell this rubbish.
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    Are you referring to the OP on this thread. Daniel_son? He is a real person. I can't comment on the engine guy or his work, but Daniel seemed genuine enough.
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    That's good to know, I wonder how the engine turned out when he tried to run it...
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    He did have a resto thread, I'm not sure if the engine ever got installed before he sold it. I'm going to have nosey now.
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    More than likely. Looks like he threw in the towel shortly after this.

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