WANTED Steering column bracket screws

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by Bob Alatt, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. Hiya, as above, I’m after the two screws which fix the bracket to the bodywork on a pre ‘74 bus. Anybody got ‘em for sale?
  2. You can make some. Put normal cap head bolts in a drill and file the heads down.
  3. If you really want these as opposed to filing, a la Paul, post a photo as I've got a small pile of misc bolts ... and gave the bracket away, so they may well be in there.
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  4. This is fun. Are you all talking about the same thing?
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  5. Probably not! .... hence the photo suggestion
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  6. Not sure, I don’t have photos of them, just the holes they go into. Expensive westfalia holes mind...
  7. I thought column bracket to bodywork was just M6 or M8 set screws? And just the one?
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  8. Could be 20, or 20a ?
    Fairly standard surely?
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  9. That could well be the case my friend.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. So, learning in the last 24 hours has taught me that this is the late, late assembly with a single screw fix to the bodywork end, that screw is too small for the early late which has two screws of unknown (to me) size.
  12. It's a short M6 hex head set screw, 12-15mm would be plenty. They don't really do much more than align everything. The dash bolts are the ones that hold it firmly in place. It being the steering column bracket.
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  13. Yes, unfortunately not available it seems
  14. It's just a standard M6, any old thing will do, look in your odds and sods tin, or Ebay, or ...anywhere! You'd have to be crazy to buy such a thing from a VW supplier.
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  15. Cheers, I’ll give it a whirl if nowt else turns up.
  16. A tinware screw is the same size if it helps you identify, just the wrong head to get as tight as you might like.
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  17. Sure, on the same page mate. I know I have nothing suitable to hand and will have to buy but I’m not on a quest for originality- just summat that fits.
  18. Gotcha. It it didn't enter my head that someone with a bay wouldn't have boxes of crud to go with it. lol.
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  19. Yeah, I do have some stuff but I’m a ruthless non-hoarder by nature. I find lobbing stuff away very cathartic:)
  20. I moved from a 4 bed house with cellars and garden office/summerhouse plus 2 workshops including a paint booth to a narrowboat so I certainly understand that.

    I still have my nuts and bolts and tools though. :lol:

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