Steering box seal replacement

Discussion in 'How To' started by matty, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Great thanks thats what I thought I'd seen mentioned in a few places. Finally got around to filling up the 76 box I have spare will replace the 73 box on my bus and re-new the seals on that now...
  2. Belly

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    ok got it to this stage, was too dark to do more after that. Seems to be a plate preventing removal at the moment though…
    IMG_2400.jpeg IMG_2399.jpeg
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  3. JamesLey

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    From memory I pulled the plate off the arm and then pulled the box through the chassis.

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  4. Betty the Bay

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    It’s a separate piece of metal ….just as @JamesLey said…..almost decorative…see if @snotty has any gold paint left.
  5. Yep. Just remove the plate and pull the whole lot through the chassis, arm attached.
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  6. Belly

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    Hmm not totally relevent but I managed to cut through the brown earth wire from the ignition while moving my sterring column about... any of you know where it goes... assuming fusebox but can I hell find the other end of it ...
  7. Zed

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    Brown is earth as you say so it goes to an earth point, not the fuse box. There's a multiple earth point near the totem pole.
  8. Belly

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    Aye could be I'll find a lonely spade there...
  9. Keeling54

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    I've just replaced the seals on my steering box, I got them from bearings are us, sizes and part numbers below. If you haven't got a deep enough socket to knock the pitman arm seal home, use a bit of 35mm plastic waste pipe, its a perfect fit. Mine is a 79 late bay.
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  10. Chrisd

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    The plastic pipe trick is exactly what I did :D
  11. Keeling54

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    It wasn't my idea, I saw it on The Samba.
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