Steering box removal

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  1. The fat washers are not to do with the horn and no they are not under the heads and would have fallen off when you removed the coupler. A couple of posts up you may have missed a very clear picture I posted. Easier if you looked at that - thick rust coloured washers.
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  2. So between the steering column flange and the coupler? ....will double check but pretty sure none there.....nothing dropped of, accept a washer that disappeared in my overalls, hence I went for nice new ones.
    If the fat ones are missing, what's special about them?....are they metal or an insulating material?
  3. That's the thing.....nobody knows. Some kind of spacer?

    Perhaps, and I'm guessing, there was steering box change during production and they filled the resulting gap with a spacer to stop the coupler being stressed out of flat. You might find out? Do you remember if the old one looked like it had been forced into a banana shape?

    For some reason I think @paradox might know what they are for.
  4. Maybe I'm chasing rainbows, sorry. Heritage list the thick washer as 74-79.
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  5. Original German coupler looked it's being saved in case this so called quality replacement proves not to be "quality " !
  6. What year is your bus?
  7. The 2mm washers are possibly shims to level the end of the steering column? If yours is pre 74 you might not need them?[​IMG]

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  8. Dec '72.
  9. No fat washers. As you were. Apologies again.
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  10. No apology needed....nice to have the input and advice.
    Moving on to solving an auto box leak and then cleaning and re-greasing the driveshafts I'm sure we'll be speaking ( virtually) again over the Lockdown period.
  11. You will know if you need them as the rubber coupler will bend instead of staying flat
    They as you say make up the gap between the coupler and the steering rod.

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  12. And now I’ve read above and seen it’s all sorted.

    That’s the problem with receiving a notification and replying straight back.

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  13. So what about the leak and what about 100ftlbs on finger tight nut?

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  14. New seals in, will see what I can do about 100ftlb......finger tight has served me well for 10 years !
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  15. Grand! How did you get seals out and what did you use to drive the new ones in? Did you consider that the seals may have failed because they are being worn eccentrically (due to tired mechanism) and will fail again pretty soon? Did you consider using that Penrite stuff to partially compensate?

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  16. Came out with a small screwdriver...went back in with suitably socket, piece of tubing.
    Didn't consider anything really, just hoping that new = .less leaks.
    It's a 40 year old steering box, I've done all l can be bothered to do.
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  17. No point doing more than needed. Fit it and see how it goes.
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  18. My steering box side cover looked like this inside.. those steps on the bushing represent about 0.5mm sideways slop that caused leaks in the seal.


    I used pure stupidity, pliers and a Dremel to peel out the bronze bushing, make a round concentric hole and fit a steel backed bushing in there. Much less slop now. Not recommended for sensible people. Find a machine shop and get it milled out accurately..
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