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  1. Noticed seepage from steering box so stripped it down and found it was packed in grease, not sure what kind so cleaned it out and wonder if I should replace with steering box grease or recommended oil.
    Seems it must have been packed with grease to cure a leak which seems to have been caused by the 20210406_162109.jpg flattened 'O' ring.
    If the best advice is to go for oil what's the best stuff to clean out the remaining grease with ?

    Thanks for looking.
  2. Change the oring & fill with steering box oil, a bit of grease in there won’t cause any issues.
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  3. Fill it with oil (as it should be anyway). Easy enough to change the drop arm shaft seal.
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  4. Have ordered a set of seals and will get some lube from A H Schofields.

  5. EP80 from Halfords will do fine. Don’t need much.
  6. Just done one as a spare - very therapeutic . Filled it with Castrol
    EP90 .

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  7. Did you manage to find new ball races Chris? They seem to be the rare bits.
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  8. Nah , couldn't find any but the ones I took out were fine .
    I don't think the box has seen much action to be fair but the 'nose' has a slight crack in the seal housing where someone has been a bit enthusiastic removing the arm . Holds oil though and the box is lovely and smooth

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  9. Sounds fine! I think if the nylon(?) ball-holder thing has snapped, then you’re a bit stuffed, as nobody’s been able to find replacements.
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  10. Be worthwhile getting some 3D printed if anyone has a good one
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  11. That kind of crack is a candidate for JB weld..
  12. The steering box very definitely shouldn't be filled with grease. As the box components wear the tiny metallic fragments get caught in the grease and act like a grinding paste, further accelerating wear - if there's oil in there the metal sinks to the bottom.
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  13. Until theres so much bronze in the oil that its pretty. Golden and shiny.
  14. Look in the bronze bearing in the side cover - any deep grooves and your steering will go clunk no matter how much you adjust it. This was a bad box.


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