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  1. Hi folks. I had a bump in the van :( I was reversing very slowly, but managed to put a bump/dent in my nice shiny rear steel chrome bumper. Can't believe I have managed to do that. I blame it on the bike rack. Anyway, I have made a couple of calls and so far no joy with the bump repair people. They seem to tell me it is too difficult. Does anyone have any ideas/ suggestions or no any different? The bump isn't too bad and there is no sigh of chrome damage at the mo!


  2. Diddymen

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    Put a post in mech/tech section as you might get more response/views there :)

    with out seen a pic its a bit hard to say really.

    As its chrome apply heat is probably out of the question and using a hammer and dolly might damage the chrome too.

    If its not to deep then you might be better off living with it TBH, especially if you've been told it would be difficult to get out

    Only thing you might be able to try is to push it out from the other side with a blunt pick shaped tool or some thing you could make to do the job. but you'd probably have to take the bumper off first

    hope this helps :)
  3. Thanks Diddy, might have to be brave and take it off!
  4. Diddymen

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    I shouldnt be too hard to take off as it sounds like it is fairly new.

    Might be worth asking Outlaw on here as he is an excellent metal worker, take a look at his resto thread to see what I mean :D
  5. taake it of place it on some ply face down , get some one to hold it then using a flatt faced piece of wood on the dent , smack the end of the wood with a good solid blow it will take the dent out and not cause to much damage owen nw
  6. It depend on the quality of the chroming though owen if its cheap it will peel

    Id say call it a battle scar and live with it
  7. me i would leave it alone but ye have the option lol here s one i done , but not a chrome bumper , lambretta side car front screen wheel arch , he said if ye can fix it alls good ,if not its scrapp any way , have a butchers , amazing what ye can do with plenty of heat owen nw
  8. Top job owen

    Its a great feeling bashing the living hell out of hot steel and watching it form into shape
  9. tell me about it even better when it all comes together , dahitia the mate he s irish and name was well pleased so was i lol owen nw :eek: ;)

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