WANTED Starter tintop bus. In useable condition

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Drew_greenday, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I'm wanting to get my first T2 and have decided that I want a tin top as I have a T5 which is in the process of being converted into a camper. I will use it as a day van to reduce the miles on my T5.

    Any condition considered but preferably as little rust as possible (don't we all) and as standard as possible, blank canvas preferred.

    I live in Scotland but will travel for the right van.
  2. I have about 12 here for sale near Newcastle!
    And 6 more due in from USA in next few weeks
  3. So you want to run a tintop bay as a daily driver to keep the mileage down on your T5? Seems like the wrong way round or am I missing something?
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  4. Theres an ex forces tintop bay on ebay atm
    Claims all original panels and has a 2 litre engine
    From the pics it looks as described
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  6. that looks okay based on the pics provided, worth a look at
  7. If i had the cash in my pocket id be on my way tmw for a look
    A lot of emergency and ex forces dubs are in brilliant condition as they hardly got used they just sat there waiting

    Tin top microbus with no welding and all original panels and a low milage 2 litre engine for under 10k
  8. its got great potential :thumbsup:
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  9. I'll be driving to the alps and northern Italy in my bus every year, and I work offshore for half of the year so want something else to use during the summer when im home.

    Thanks for the ex military one, will have a look now.
  10. Pm'd mate.
  11. 21Window

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    I've a '77 tintop 2.0l fi, MOT'd, taxed solid, Californian Westy & a '72 tintop Westy, solid, recon 1700cc engine, brand new carb, reupholstered bed/seats, will be mot'd, reg'd when back from hols. Both under £10k by a good margin.

  12. Give me a bell got a sa import 1975 gotta go nice solid useable bus
  13. I have a champagne 78
    Rebuilt 2 ltr engine
    New brakes, balljoints, track rods etc
    12 months mot
    Never welded
    Absolutely rock solid
    Orig paint
  14. where are you two located for viewings?
  15. We are in County Durham
    Loads to choose from so worth the trip

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