Starter motor or battery?

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  1. I have started to get an issue with starting.
    After stopping for petrol etc.... Try to start and just a click.... Then nothing.... No power on key if try to start again.... Quick fiddle with cable on battery terminals and power back on key.. So try again sometime starts or repeat above.
    So what I don't understand is why no power on key after the initial click but back after fiddling with terminals? Not blowing fuses.
    Any thoughts please... Cheers Ian
  2. Perhaps clean all connections as a starting point...and ensure that they are all tight.
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  3. Sounds like a failing ignition switch.
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  4. PIE


    Does it always start ok in the morning
  5. There are no fuses to blow in the ignition circuit but..

    Do dash lights come on at all ?
    Do the side lights come on if you turn them on - if they dont its more likely bad battery connections.

    Look at ..
    Bad ignition switch - starter contact burns- very likely.
    Ignition switch wiring.
    Battery earth connection loose.
    Bad starter motor.
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  6. Everything works on first click of key. Horn lights etc... Its when you try to start ie second movement of key that problems happen.... Its as if it can't take load.... But I don't understand why a quick fiddle with battery contacts and OK
  7. Clean the contacts on the battery and give the wires a tug to make sure it’s all tight, then do the same to the wires on the starter motor as these feed the front of the van.

    if that doesn’t work it could be your ignition switch.
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  8. This ^^
    Just clean all the terminals/contacts and if it still persists then look for the problem ...

    Basics first .

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  9. That reminds me I should be under mine cleaning the contacts on the starter. Maybe tomorrow if this sunny weather continues.
    Mine would barely turn over cold but a little better warmed up. The starter post with all the cables on it was hot enough to burn me a few minutes if there is a next time, do the battery connections get hot? They shouldn't. That would confirm it. Strange. I never used to tighten my battery -ve - poor man's quick release terminal. Once it wouldn't do anything without a quick tap but otherwise no problem for a few years. :cool:

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