WANTED Starter bus - budget £6.5k

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by jon wordsworth, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. hi guys,

    Im after a starter bus.... i know my budget is low, but i would really like something with good bodywork, good interior and a good runner... something solid! i know i'm asking a lot! Anything out there for me?? My cousin and uncle are both VW mechanics so this should help me, plus i know a few enthusiasts.... any help or pointers in the right direction would be amazing.


  2. Are you after RHD or will a LHD do?

    Theres been a couple of LHD US import bays on ebay recently for about £4k. Solid but with surface rust and usually with no engine, gearbox or interior.
    Seem like a good starting point as sourcing engine and gearbox is simple and the interior too.
  3. not too bothered about LHD or RHD am open to anything... if i was to get something like that, how much would i be looking at do you think in order to get it up to a decent useable standard???
  4. I have a 78 late bay that I imported and am just in the process of registering it. It has an mot but needs a few small rust patches sorting out in the normal places, front steps, in the wheel arches.

    Has some dings and small dents but is very solid. Has no interior as yet.

    I'm rebuilding the engine, new bearings etc. it's a 2.0 fuel injected

    Has brand new shocks, tyres and rims. New front brake lines, steering coupler. Original new hella front and rear lights.

    If be looking at 5500 - 5750 which is what it owes me, I'm looking to buy an prototype.
  5. To be honest, mechanicals aren't the real issue with these buses...stuff goes wrong, but it generally cheap(ish) to fix...use original secondhand parts wherever possible...
    engine rebuilding will set you back a small fortune, as it's a niche service....no great shakes for a VW mechanic and should be able to get trade prices on most parts....
    the real crippler is bodywork, especially if you don't trust yourself with a welder...(which I don't)
    welding prices have gone thru the roof over the last few years...used to be a relatively cheap deal....depends whether you want MoT or 'Restoration' standard. Save yourself a fortune by doing all the prep (properly) yourself
    6.5K should get you a reasonably rot free imported roller, with or without motor and trans, interior etc. The more bits of original kit on the bus, the better....opening quarter lights, opening side rear windows, body trim etc. don't buy the first thng you look at.....most bus owners are very honest and will point out the issues, but as the prices have risen, more people are seeing them as an opportunity to pass on a wagged-up POS for good coin....loads of help on here....we love pics, so if and when you spot something, post it up

    good luck with your search Jon
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    sent you pm Jon. Have something lower than your budget, honest and solid.
  7. an

    any pics pal??? where you at??
  8. I can vouch for jon, even if he is northern! I have sent him here, as most of you lot are sound :0)

    And jon, I've replied to your mail this morning.....I didn't get in till late!
  9. hahahahaha! i knew you'd come crawling on here looking for me! mailed ya back this morning pal. much love!
  10. :0)
    Have to you looked at that one from here yet?

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