Stanford Hall VW Show - PopTopKitchen Breakfast Giveaway

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  1. Stanford Hall VW Show 3rd May is just over a week away now and as the new owners (Matt and Kerry) we want to continue the Breakfast Giveaway competition

    As always we want to give a few of you the opportunity to try our food for free so we are going to give away three breakfasts including a drink (as its a one day show). Our meat is sourced from a local award winning butcher and for breakfasts we will be offering Lincolnshire Chipolatas or thick cut Bacon in a granary or white roll OR a breakfast wrap with sausage, bacon, fried egg and cheese. We will also have porridge oats with various toppings if meat isn't your thing. So if you want a chance to win start a list below and add your name to it, cut off time for entries is 8pm on Friday 1st May when we will select 3 winners at random. This offer is being made on e@rlybay and the latebay, I will be running the list on here.

    Few basic rules:
    1) Your name must be on the list before 8pm on Friday 1st May (server time stamp will be used), 3 people will be chosen at random from this list
    2) This is a food give away so no cash alternative
    3) We may sell out so get there early! If we do sell out we will try our best to find something else for you.
    4) I will contact the winners via PM and ask for their mobile number to send them a text, this text must be shown to claim your prize. The prize is only available at Stanford Hall VW Show 2015
    5) Only one entry per person
    6) Each prize is one breakfast item and one drink
    7) If the show is cancelled or we are unable to attend then the prize will be null and void.

    Good luck and we hope to see you there [​IMG]
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  2. 1. StuF (EB)
    2. WanderLust (EB)
    3. zed (LB)
    4. baybirmingham (LB)
    5. nzbusboy (LB)
    6. Beaver (LB)
    7. Dazza1975 (EB)
    8. Cab89 (EB)
    9. Mattyd72 (EB)
    10. Matt (LB)
    11. Jimme1971 (EB)
    12. Myvanway (EB)
    13. is,sit (EB)
    14. Dazza (LB)
    15. Irishpete (EB)
    16. gvee (EB)
    17. Merlin Cat (LB)
    18. Dicky (LB)
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  3. 3. zed
  4. I think you will do very well, I thought the Hawaiian Pulled Pork Ciabatta was very nice, thought it could do with a little bit more chilli in the sauce (but agreeing that chilli is down to personal taste)..price wise, £3.50 was spot on for the amount you got too!

    Good luck - I hope you have a successful day :D
  5. 1. StuF (EB)
    2. WanderLust (EB)
    3. zed (LB)
    4.baybirmingham (LB)
  6. normal price is £5.00 the price at Techenders was a special price
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  7. Do the draw now. :)
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  8. haha nah bit too soon
  9. 1. StuF (EB)
    2. WanderLust (EB)
    3. zed (LB)
    4.baybirmingham (LB)
    5.nzbusboy (LB)
  10. 6. Beaver
  11. Yum. Me too please
  12. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Can you add me please - ta very muchly :)
  13. Done
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  14. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    17. Merlin Cat

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