Stanford Hall 3rd May

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  1. Is anyone else planning on going to Stanford Hall at beginning of May? The bank holiday is now the weekend after but you can still camp saturday and sunday nights.
    Its miles from me but i've heard really good stuff about it and have been promising to go for years.
    This year looks like the stars have aligned, my bug is now on the road and the inlaws aren't on holiday for once. :thumbsup:
    Stanford Hall, Near Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6DH
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  2. I’m tempted but we’ve got the girlfriends family visiting then.
  3. I went last year, great show, can't recommend it enough. Bugs go down well :thumbsup:
  4. Good enough reason to escape for the day. ;)
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  5. I’m already escaping for Techenders :thumbsup: but they are here for around 7 weeks :eek:
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  7. great show to be fair.

    first time last year and looking forward to this year, the selection of cars on show is amazing, its more like and american concours d'elegance than your standard vw show.
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  8. Hmm should I do techenders or this?
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    both :D , but perhaps techenders is more social
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  10. Depends if you’re looking for a show or a more social gathering.
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  11. Yep, as Davidoft says do both.
    Completely different, TE is all about sharing knowledge and helping fellow vw owners. Putting a bit back into the scene on a personal level and inspiring yourself or others to do stuff and keep the vehicles on the road.
    Stanford Hall is arguably the best single day classic car show celebrating VW and Porsche of the year.
    These are the only two events that are petty much non negotiable for us!
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  12. Might be a bit quieter this year, due to how the bank holiday falls.
  13. bloody hell, surely you need to escape as many weekends as possible then!
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  14. yeah, its now on the friday afterwards isn't it?
  15. Yep, which means if you have any distance to travel, you need to take the Monday off work.
  16. Is there a line up this year ?

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  17. I’m usually up for this, always book last minute though depending on weather as I normally camp over.
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  18. Wish we did that, think it was 2010, ruddy baltic.
  19. Doesn’t cost any extra.
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  20. I’ll do the same mate

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