Stanford Hall 2016

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    Now at about £50 a pop per toy on ebay, this is an expensive trinket.

    And if that;s not expensive enough, anyone got a spare £20k?
  3. Nice
  4. Nice pics ..:thumbsup:

    I have some to upload..
  5. Merlin Cat

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    Nice pics :)
  6. Great pics!!!
    Love the karmann Ghia :)
  7. Only have some of Poptopkitchen.


    And the boss washing her hair after cooking all day in the kitchen

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  8. Is ya tea urn hot yet...:D
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  9. Had to save some for the hairwash!!
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  10. superb pics!
  11. Moons

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    @Chrisradioman did well with that spot, it's usually porsche all along that bit.

    Seems every Splitty left on the planet goes to that show.
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  12. Why are the splittys so expensive there's loads!

    Our spot was a bit lonely but was only 20 yards from the pop top kitchen which was why I bagged a pass from them


    We contemplated having a new Robo flag done by Cookie & had a look through his book & spotted this:


    We bought a load of VW tat but the only thing I wanted wasn't there so came home with no money & no new go-faster bits for the van!

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  13. We had the prototype lot over the way from us & I have just one question, did they ever build em in right hand drive? They all seemed to be TJ Hookers?

    Oh and it was really lovely as we drove home passing a group of chaps who were on their way back from the pub for them to shout 'nice piece of Marmite van' at us! Considering they had kids with them & we had ours with us I was less than impressed! Tossers!

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  14. I was with the prototype lot. Had a quick peek at your van as we walked by as well :) most the RHD ones have rusted away :)

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  15. I just thought flippin heck they're all TJ Hookers! I loved the one with the roof tent though, I've seen him before but not his bus!

    It was funny watching the Audi TT lot polishing there cars first thing, I felt left out & a little ashamed so set to and cleaned the bird poo off the bonnet!

    Then the kids got hold of the cleaning kit & had a go, they left it looking v smeary so I treated em to breakfast at pop top kitchen
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  16. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    I only took a few but this one stood out for me as one of the straightest panel van sides I've ever seen: [​IMG]

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  17. The roof tent was very cool as was his number plate. I can't be doing with cleaning/polishing once I'm there. Wash it before I go and then it stays with the road grime for the lineup, life is too short :) Sounds safer sending the kids away :D
  18. I just wanted to loose the bird poop stripe down the bonnet

    Yes was it 13AY? I spotted the plate when he drove up but I didn't look at the bus & when he folded out his roof tent I didn't look at the plate so hadn't put the two together!

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