St George’s Day parade - Whitton High Street - Saturday 20th April

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  1. Anyone local to Whitton, Twickenham TW2 area fancy taking part in a St George’s day parade?

    Had this leaflet put through my door asking for owners of classic cars and classic motor bikes to take part in the parade, if anyone fancies it.

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  2. Surely they want British classics

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  3. Not for me i`m afraid - mucho campingness to be done :thumbsup:

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  4. You’re not auditioning for Village people again

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  5. Classic car parade through Whitton High St for St George’s day, was relieved at the end, that I didn’t breakdown half way down the high street!
    IMG_1488.jpg P1.jpg IMG_1476.jpg p4.jpg p8.jpg p13.jpg p12.jpg
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