Squealing- steering?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Jonboy_t, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. as is the norm, I’m 700 miles from home and the Illegitimate child thing has developed an awful squeak and/or fluttering noise. It’s fine when the steering is in the ‘no action’ zone going straight ahead, but as soon as the slightest bit of right lock, the VERY slightest bit, is applied, it’s like a remake of that Deliverance scene.

    Will whack a load of grease into the steering joints tomorrow, but just wondering if this can be a symptom of something else that could cause a further issue in the next 700m before we’re home?
  2. Are you stock or lowered? I’ve recently had simliar in mine.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,, thinking ball joint poss :)
  3. Stock, bud. Please don’t say that :(
  4. Wheel bearing on the out usually sounds like a ghost, woohoo so possibly count that out.bi
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  5. Probably the steering damper ??

    Give it a squirt and see if there's any improvement..

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  6. ron


    Turn the radio volume up cures everything
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  7. Look for bare bits of metal where they are rubbing.
    A screech is either bare dry metal or brakes.
    Most metal screeeches will come with wobbly wheels as it starts rubbing something ot usually misses. Wheel bearings, worn ball joint.

    Try seeing if one side brake disk is hotter than the other ... could be pads jamming in the caliper with rust.. if they are then a hammer and something to drift out the brake pins and drive the pads out, and a rust scraper/small cold chisel to crack off rust could fix it while on the road.

    Don't you wish you had driven it around for a few days two weeks before setting off on your epic holiday ?
  8. davidoft

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    Have you got a jack, it won’t be anything to do with the steering, it will almost certainly be something on
    The brakes, check for the backing Plates being very close/ touching, when turning the hold lot will move over as the weight of the van is transferred, small chance you need to slightly adjust a wheel bearing
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  9. Speedo cable? - a long shot but mine likes to squeak and tick after a few miles particularly when on a little right lock.
    Just a thought...

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  10. Will have a look, cheers. Brakes on this have been a ball ache for a while, with seized callipers etc being settled with more than once, so it’s feasible it could be making a comeback. Would that be worse with a little bit of lock on the steering?

    Its had plenty of use this year, resulting in the clutch going a couple weeks ago, so no use was possible before the big trip unfortunately. Only got it back from having carbs done the day before we went as I ran out of time to do it myself after sorting the clutch!
  11. I’d go for brakes and/or wheel bearings as well. Nowt to do with the steering.
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  12. Speedo cables can make a right squealing racket when they start.
  13. I’m guessing the speedo cable is the easiest to check and fix - is it a case of a new one or can I bodge it while I’m here (if that’s it?)
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  14. Take the cable off at the speedo end and feed some 3 in 1 down the cable, that sometimes does the trick. As you say, easy possible fix, certainly worth eliminating it as possible source of noise.
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