Square thingy on firewall

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Wonderwagon, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. what does this do and how do you unplug it please AC90BE1C-FF80-4547-969C-3DB6E5D4673C.jpeg
  2. Dubs

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    It's a voltage regulator, and the plug just pulls off. :thumbsup:
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  3. Looks to me like a screw is missing. On mine the plug is at the bottom and two self- tappers hold the voltage regulator on, not one and a spare Westfalia hole. ( cost extra as an original German fix:burp:ing hole ;))

    How did that smiley get in there? Appropriate.
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  4. Thanks dubs and Yep mikedjames mine was fixed the same , removed 1st screw but can’t access the 2nd cos the plugs in the way and a biatch to pull off wondered if there was a secret to removing it.
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  5. Just spade connectors might be a bit corroded. Give it a waddle as you pull it
    as the actress said to the bishop :burp:
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  6. Use the Force ..

    Carefully levering with a flat blade screwdriver against the case may be needed. Its three spade connectors held together in that plug.
    Or animal method is to find a tiny pair of mole grips and wind the screw out with that...
  7. 8B960C42-4FA1-47D8-B621-844067A20DDA.jpeg Thank you all , a good waddle and use of force done the trick , job done
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