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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by nicko_1982, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Not sure what the old van owner was up to in the van but it has hundreds of holes in the metalwork & are scratches & mix coloured paint finish...

    I am looking to weld these holes up and then respray the interior - I don't have a paint gun and wondering what you all recommend.
    What sort of finish do the cans of spray give? any other options?

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    depends on how far you want to go

    If you have the interior stripped out to the bare shell for restoration, then get the whole lot painted when you get the outside done using the same paint (professional job?)

    if your just touching up the inside to make it look neat, there isnt a huge amout that will be seen once the interior panels are on. Rub every thing down with 280 grit paper (or finer) and get rid of all the dust with a tack cloth. Make sure every thing has been degreased and re paint using what ever you decide.

    Be careful though, if you've had lots of different paints applied in the past, some of these might react with the new paint. So you might either have to go back to bare metal or use a sealent coat in these cases.

    What paint you use is up to you really, if you havent got a spray gun or compressor then you are limited to spray cans or tins to brush or roller paint on .......they all have pros and cons, it depends what sort of finish you were after
  3. I've rolled rustoleum mate and it works a treat just make sure your prep is good
  4. Thanks baybug, where can you get the rolled rustoleum from?
  5. I rattle canned mine. Dry in 20 mins unlike rustoleum.
  6. Thanks Zed- what's rattle can??
  8. So spraying with aerosol cans won't cause the paint to drip as the surface isn't flat?
  10. What he said^
  11. You can get rustoleum from Lapland paint , well that's were I got mine , thin it with mineral sprits and use a foam roller then apply fine coats or one thick coat depending on finish , drying time can be long but I've not really had much problem I just put a heater in the van after .
    It's cheaper than rattle cans and you can get a good finish it just takes long than rattle cans really
  12. They sell Rustoleum in Swansea Fasteners, quite near to you, it gives a great finish when applied with a sponge roller, the only trouble with it is that it takes days to dry. Its better if you can get some heat on the surface before & after painting.
  13. Heat at this time of the year..... looks like i'll be getting my hairdryer out!!
    Thanks Chris
  14. I got a compressor & a gun in my garage, you can use that if you like, the only trouble is I got s Beetle in the way that needs welding. :)
  15. What about the Rustoleum in aerosol cans? are they pretty much the same as using smooth hammerite :thinking:

    the universal gloss range looks like it would work?
  17. I want to strip the old paintwork back, prime it with Etch and then respray with a gun & condenser. I have stripped the van out so might as well do a good job.

    This is if I can borrow your kit Chris!! ;D
    I'll get some beers for you

    If I still had the R n R bed etc in i'd probably go ahead with the rattle cans.

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