Sport getting boring.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Geordie, May 16, 2019.

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    Maybe the international sporting community is finally ready for this?
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  2. They do that here, you know. Was thinking about it, myself! Looks fun. I’m sure I can gas flow a Briggs and Stratton engine...
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  3. Topless darts.
  4. Freestyle Nit Picking, where mothers in law are presented with absolutely perfect stuff, such as hats, cars, domestic appliances etc but still find fault with them.
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  5. Audi Fisting. Audi drivers spend the whole time with someone right up their arse so they know what it feels like...
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  6. Nothing beats a test match during a week of heavy rain!
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  7. Not sure if I dreamt this or was this actually a real thing once upon a time??? Not too sure but it does sound a little bit danger mouse for them there “Ladieeees”
    I’m guessing this ain’t anything like WilliamTell, but not with apples???

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,, might have to think this one through:)
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  8. I always thought extreme ironing should be an Olympic sport.
  9. :lol:
  10. Really have You seen a average darts player

  11. Eggy flan flinging.

    Trying to get drunk on Pride.

    Guessing to nearest hour when plumber will turn up.

    Quickest at church lead stripping.
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  12. BMW Formation Indicating?
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  13. The Yorkshire not buying a round competition :burp:
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    It was 100% real - they certainly filmed one version of it at the old Birmingham Post and Mail building in the early 2000's

    I worked with some of the IT guys from that site - the Post and Mail building had its own tower block in Colmore Row, there was penthouse flats for senior staff and silver service waiting restaurant.

    As newspapers started to loose market share, they branched out in to TV production and had a studio in the tower block.

    The IT team would always find something broken up there that needed fixing when filming was on.
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  15. Bazza, it's not my fault I have to make regular toilet visits :)
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  16. Alligator juggling.
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  17. Inline roller disco - any takers :thinking:

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  18. you, sir, can bog off!
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  20. Should be on the telly then ??
    Sure it will be - can`t wait , you`ll fighting off the laydees in yer lycra catsuit :thumbsup:

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