WANTED Speedo needle

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by top banana racing, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Some celery broke his speedo needle today. :)
    Anybody got one or know where to buy one?

    Also still need type 4 tins! Alternator bracket and pulley.
  2. Not playing with the mileage again? :p
  3. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    I may have one in a couple of weeks if you can wait.
  4. Converting to MPH from KPH.
    Hamfisted idiot broke the needle.
  5. I have about 2 months!
  6. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    I'm swapping my speedo so when the old one comes out it's spare
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  7. sorry to but in chaps! i have one glen...its still on a a working speedo but the odometer is shot...its in km too...you are welcome to it.i have a mobile number for you shall i text you...
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  8. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    I'll keep mine on standby ;)
  9. Excellent, thanks.
    Thank you too Bern.
    TLB cures hamfistedness once again. :)
  10. What alternator bracket do you need?

    If anyone wants to donate a needle that looks a bit like the below, I'd be eternally grateful.

  11. I have one just like that!
  12. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    I'll keep my one safe - won't be for a couple of weeks though :thumbsup:
  13. Perfect - is it spare ;)

    And what's that alternator bracket you need?
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  14. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Could one not whittle one from a matchstick or similar sliver of wood.

    I have a genuine Westfalia OG piece of wood you could manufacture some from..£150 and she's all yours.
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  15. The long one shaped like a boomerang. Got one from Peasoup and now I need another!
    I should stop converting to type 4 motors!
  16. I'll check the shed but don't think I have that bit.
  17. I have never done this but can I ask the following.
    To anyone doing this would using a fork set in the middle of the needle prong and gently lifting up with equal pressure on the needle prevent The needles from breaking?. Can anyone recommend a successful method they have used for removing it. - maybe a sticky :)
    If you put a mph face on a kmh clock your mileage will be out therefore your agreed insurance mileage would go quicker than expected - unless you do something illegal. It's just nobody has mentioned on any of the threads I have seen about re calibrating after a face change.
    Any thoughts on the above
  18. Gentle twisting and pulling is the accepted method, they come off quite easily then.
    If you're so far down a claim that the mileage is in question then the speedo could be tested for proof, however if it's got that far you have other issues.
    That said, I regularly go over my mileage and inform the insurance company who have never had an issue with it, their reply is always, that's fine as long as you tell us.
  19. Great to know just pointing out for those who hadn't given it a thought :)

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