Speed camera spotting devices

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  2. Do they still hide the cameras in little triangular houses by side of road?
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  3. No need! Everyone who has passed a driving test should be capable of knowing what speed they are travelling at. There is no more excuse to exceed the speed limit than there is to break into someone's house and steal their television.

    Yes, I know, I should have been a traffic warden!
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  4. Merlin Cat

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    I just had a look at one of the Murcia local newspapers and it says that at the moment they haven’t got the ability to catch people for speeding :thumbsup:

    Ps I don’t endorse speeding
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  5. :eek:
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  6. Can you just let the mother in law sit in the passengers seat? She’ll tell you if your going at the right speed.
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  7. They can see you in the shower as well :eek:
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  8. :rolleyes:
  9. I did a ‘speed assessment’ course, as I was caught doing an apparent 34mph in a 30 in my van.(vw).
    Personally, I think it was BS, as the corner Iwas travelling around, just off of Sainsbury’sroindabout,Is impossible you go around over 25,in a normal height Devon. I know, becuase I’ve tried it before. It would tip over! just another way for them to fund The policeman's secret ball.
    The course was an eye opener though.
    And I am more careful.
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