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  1. The brushes on my generator have started sparking intermittently, is it time for a brush change or does the commutator just need cleaning up? Also is a stock 35 A (i think) generator man enough to run the bus and charge a leisure battery?
  2. Are the springs on the brushes bottomed out ? if they are then its new brushes time, a simple job if you loosen the strap and rotate the dynamo to get at the covers.

    And a 38A dynamo might not be able to keep up even with the bus by itself if you have fitted many accessories like fog lights etc. On the other hand, a 55A alternator may not be big enough for a heavy leisure demand.

    But if the leisure battery only runs a few LED lights and it never gets flattened, then the dynamo will probably top it up OK.
    Just get a decent sized battery charger to top up the leisure battery on hook-up - If you do not drive anywhere or run the engine faster than tickover every day, then the size of the alternator or dynamo really does not matter for the leisure battery, as it is not doing anything.
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    I'm sure this was about spanking jenny. My mistake :)

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