FOR SALE Spare wheel cover

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  1. I made this spare wheel cover for my van but decided to keep the front bare for that much sought after rugged look.

    It’s the first one I’ve made so it’ll be worth a fortune in a few years when “Ray Ley’s Restoration and Upholstery” takes off.

    Described by @Barry Haynes as “the absolute dogs wotsits” so you know you’re in for a treat.

    Made from a marine grade fabric so will stand up well to the elements.
    Yours for £15.

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  2. Don't say you don't like the look of it as you'll never sell it, let me help

    Wheel cover looks the absolute dogs whatits, I've been told how professional this looks far better than can be bought in shops or on line, I've decided I'm going to move my spare so I won't be needing it, I only want £15 for it now I know what you're thinking that's too cheap so grab yourself a bargain before I change my mind
  3. That’s made my day! Fair point. Guess I shouldn’t post for sale ads with my Mr Grumpy pants on. Edited accordingly.

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  4. Quick change the ad before the northerners get in from work:p
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  5. Much better :thumbsup:
    Hope you sell it bud
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  6. Yes Please James! I’ll send a PM once I figure out how to...
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  7. that looks ace, bloody bargain!
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  8. Did I say we were going halvesy halvesy:p
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  9. Thanks again mate. I owe you some Pie and Mash!
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  10. Now sold to @MarkE. I have enough material left to make a few more of these, so if anyone else is interested please let me know.
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  11. I've one of these left now (prototype sold to @MarkE, and the second sold to @Ian Jones).
    £29 inc P+P.

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