Spacesaver spare wheel dimensions

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  1. not after PCs or centre hole size just yet but what overall size of wheel has anyone successfully used. I'm looking at stowage options. Diameter and depth would be great if anyone can advise.
  2. If you can find a space saver type approved for a VW T2 van then by all means. Otherwise the insurance company may take a dim view if there was an accident while you had it fitted.

    I secretly laughed when the insurance guy came and looked at my Marina which had been tailended back in about 1987 because I had outbraked a Citroen, and realising the slightly bald tyres were dodgy I got them changed after the incident but before the insurers decided to send somebody out or told me they were going to come and see the car.. He spent some time measuring tyre treads etc. He was looking for some fault to avoid paying out.

    Stick a stock steel on the nose or on a roofrack or on a swing out carrier at the back. .
  3. Think as for that. It's for an emergency spare only. I've carried one around for nigh on 30 years and never had a flat. I did have it on the back but it's a pain, on the front but not drilling my new front panel., don't have a roof rack and can't fit one and a full size one is a wee bit too big for where I want to put it. Chances are as I've no intention of jacking my van up at the side of the road that it would be the big yellow taxi that would recover me. Easier with a wheel on that ain't flat but in all seriousness advice is appreciated.
  4. Saw this thread come up and thought it said "specsaver spare wheel dimensions". Someone somewhere may be trying to tell me something.
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    There was a bus on here - matt black with Red Audi TT Space Saver rims all around. They have Bay stud pattern - the center hole will obviously need to be milled out.

    They are steel and strong as buggery - I'd have a fiver they are stronger than the original steel wheels.

    I bought a Golf Mk5 Space Saver for my TT, the second generation ones didn't come with spare wheels - the space saver and toolkit were £35 second hand

    The diameter is around 64cm (18 inch space saver) and around 12.5cm wide - I seem to recall the original Bay wheels are around the 65cm diameter mark.
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  6. I've got a golf MkV R32 spacesaver that I'll be mounting under the van in a cradle, from memory its 125/70/18 and its the closest/smallest combination I could find compared to the standard 14" camper wheel/tyre rolling radius - its 3% out - but cant remember if its lower/higher.

    The stud pattern is the same 112mm, but the centre bore needs enlarging.
  7. Any idea what the actual width is ie across the tread to the corners, walls.
  8. I'm not sure of hand but its in the region of 4.5-5 inches. I can have a measure tomorrow.
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  9. What about something like this

  10. I've got a merc space saver and enlarged stud holes.
    Fits well just hope it can take the weight. Screenshot_2015-03-20-09-59-24.png
  11. Great idea a space saver. Will take a look into it
  12. I have a golf mk5 skinny that's curently in my octavia boot - when i change that car in a few months i'll keep the spare and move it into the bus.

    The tyre is a 125/70 18 with 99 load rating so the rolling radius and rating should be fine for a bus for temporary use.
  13. Will that fit straight on to the bus?
  14. Mine has a load rating of 89, should be ok to get me out of trouble
  15. Rear yes, front no. PCD is 5x112 and the offset is good too (ET25) but the centre bore for most modent vw's is 57mm so you'll need to get this bored out to 67ishmm to fit over the hub on the front of a t2. 57mm fits fine on the rear though, so you could potentially swap a bust front over with the rear and put the skinny on the rear if that makes sense.

    I'll get mine bored to 67 so it's go on front or rear.

    I'll be interested to see how @Kruger fits his under the van - might be a good idea to free up some more interior space.
  16. @sharpey is that the sort that you have to inflate first before it can be fitted? So you'd also need a compressor/pump in the van too?

  17. Yes, it's the collapsable type. Planning on straping it to the Westie roof rack above the cab.
  18. any chance of some dimensions please (in its collapsed state - diameter and width!

  19. The bus is stored at my workplace but will measure on Monday

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