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Discussion in 'Suffolk' started by Mabel, May 1, 2013.

  1. Have booked three nights here for the weekend - - £63 for the three nights with hook up which i don't think is bad considering it's bank holiday. The site is right on the coast with several villages (read pubs) within walking distance. Seems to have quite a few good write ups online so I'll do the necessary when we return and let you all know what I think. Have booked the Adnams Brewery tour for Saturday afternoon so should be good. Hope the weather holds up.
  2. Love Southwold, you'll have a great time I'm sure! Bit of a walk to the brewery from the site but nothing too taxing, I'd be more worried about the walk back haha!
    The ship inn is the pub I like, on the corner near the light house and check out the fish and chip place just down from the site, lovely!
    Have a great time :)
  3. ha ha - i have all day to get to the brewery on saturday and all evening and sunday to get back. I'll be carrying "supplies" on the return leg.
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    Stayed there in 2011, good site and loved Southwold. Tis a trek in to town but looks like you've picked the right weekend for it :)
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    I would like a beach hut if it's not too much trouble. Thanks :)
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    If you've got a spare £250k you can probably have one, I thought vans were expensive but these things go for ridiculous prices.
  7. I grew up not too far down the coast from Southwold, lovely little town, the chippy used to be awesome, not been for a while, the Lighthouse pale ale, is absolutely lovely, luckily they now sell it in marks and spencer!!

    If you fancy a drive out, thorpeness has a nice windmill to look round, and a nice ice cream shop for after in the centre of the village.

    I think the Ipswich to felixstowe, bank holiday vintage car run is on this weekend too, some amazing cars are normally out for their annual run, that dont otherwise see the light of day sadly.
  8. Used to be our first camp of the year every year. Beer is wonderful.
    Don't miss the pier if you've got kids, or not.
  9. Do the walk along the harbour keep going till you get to the footbridge over the river then turn left and walk along other side of river to Walbeswick best crab fishing for miles try the little bridge to dangle your bait from, there's a nice little cafe in the village,
    While you are there try the fish shop on the harbour they are brill but expect a wait cos there is usually a queue as they cook it fresh when you order,

  10. We love going to southwold - didn't think the campsite had electric though, so if that's an added addition. might be going ourselves this year, we always try at least once a year.

    The pier as Zed day's is great for kids, we've spend hours in there as the machines do actually drop 2p coins so you eventually get bored and leave. Our 3 year old (at the time) kept wanting to win all the beetles and campervan, has a pretty good collection of them now.
  11. right - just got back from Southwold weather was great but windy on Sunday and that meant me and Mrs Mabel didnt put on any sun cream and got scorched.

    First things first - the site was great, clean, well set out and only £22 a night including hook up - they have 8 electricity points in the camping field which is alongside the static homes. Toilets and showers were clean although if you wanted a hot shower, best to get up early.

    Its a two minute walk to the beach which is south of southwold - about a mile and a bit to the pier and the town centre which has quite a few tea shops and villagey shops. They also have a pier, putting green and boating lake. Did the Adnams Brewery Tour which you have to book in advance - takes 90 minutes including beer tasting - very nice. The Adnams shop is like heaven - spent quite a bit in there :). The village isnt all trashy either so it was a nice to relax - even the amusements are old school

    Literally outside the site is the rowing boat ferry to Walberswick. By the ferry is a wooden hut that is a fish and chip shop and does the most amazing food. You have to wait whilst they fry it fresh (none of the fish is left under lights) but well worth the wait. Next door to that is a fresh fish shop or so we thought - in the back is a restaurant and although we didnt sit down, we did have mussels, cockles and brown shrimp for Sunday lunch.

    If you take the rowing boat ferry across the river blyth you can walk down a couple of miles of beach to dunwich which is well known for not being there anymore - most if it has fallen into the north sea. Nice pub called the Ship Inn and the old greyfriars chapel ruins are in the forest. The campsite to dunwich is about 3.5 miles and you can also walk through the RSPB bird reserve if you dont fancy the beach. All the parking in Dunwich is Free - they just ask for a donation to the church fund which was a nice refreshing touch.

    Anyway - will go back. Heres some pics of the town and the beach and some of the vans that were in situ.

  12. We stayed there a couple of years back , I am really please you had a good time , when we went it was cold and rainy ( can't be helped I know) however there was NO hot water whatsoever due to a fault, I think we got a bad weekend though. Highlight was it was the first weekend we had Rue Dog, a small white terrier came wondering into our tent to be chased and caught by rue sheepdog/lurcher......was most amused as he ran around with the back end of this dog in his mouth, no he did not hurt it, that's where I will end that story as it is before the watershed .....:rolleyes:......lets say humerous incidents with owner meets owner........
  13. Thanks for report Mable. Glad you had a good time.
  14. Yeah, thanks for the report, glad you found the chip shop! ;)
  15. Very nice - a good buddy of mine owns one of those beach hits.

    Also I think southwold is about the only touristy beach where you can park on the sea front and don't have to pay

  16. But you have to get there early to get a space,
  17. the carpark at dunwich is free and is just behind a shingle hill - they just ask for a donation to the church fund which is entirely voluntary.
  18. Hi all, just had two nights in southwold on Ferry Road site, have to say not impressed at all. Unfortunately things appear to have gone down hill with washing and toilet facilities. It was an absolute state, so much so that we've stopped back at Aldeburgh on the way home for the night. Really disappointed as Southwold is an absolute gem of a place to visit.
    On a plus note, the Sail Loft pub up the road is A1!! Cracking place to eat and nice beers on tap too :thumbsup:

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